Evil eye

This is when I was 14 years old. During the winter vacation, I decided to go to the villa of my uncle (still in his thirties at that time) in N prefecture.
It seems that he really wanted to go with her, but he invited me because he broke up recently.

I’ve been friends since I was little, so I was happy to go out and play.
My uncle also lives in the same city as me, and my uncle picked me up at my house early in the morning and left by car.
My uncle is a fashionable person, and he has been taught various kinds of play, the outdoors, music, etc. for a long time, and I respected him.
It was a long trip that took 8 hours one way by car, but I really enjoyed talking and listening to music in the car and taking a detour after a break on the way.
<p> Eventually, I arrived near my destination and bought ingredients for dinner at the supermarket. Then, climb a considerable mountain road to the villa.
It wasn’t that big, but it was a fashionable hideaway impression of a wooden lodge.
A few other villas can be seen on the land a little lower. It seemed that no one was coming.
Supper was a barbecue in the garden. The meat was usually cheap, but it tastes good when grilled over charcoal.
I also grilled hormones, seafood and vegetables, and ate them really. White rice was also cooked in a mess tin, and it was the best dinner.
<p> After eating, go to a room with a fireplace, watch TV, and play with the Sony PlayStation Super Nintendo.
I was shocked because I was a virgin at the time when I was shown the back video.
At midnight, even scary stories got excited. My uncle was also good at this area and was really scared. I would like to write that story if I have a chance …
Suddenly, as my uncle remembered, he muttered, “Never enter the back mountain.”
It seems that even locals rarely enter anything. It seems that you can get matsutake mushrooms.
Maybe it doesn’t matter, but the president of a nearby villa once said he was hanging in the back mountains.
No, at that time I thought that if I heard such a creepy thing, I would never enter.
That’s why I played down until about 5 o’clock in the early morning and finally went to bed.
<p> I woke up in the sunlight shining into the room. The time is already around 12 o’clock. Feeling thirsty, I went to the first floor to drink water.
When I looked into my uncle’s room on the way, I was snoring and still sleeping. It’s cold, but it’s a really pleasant morning.
After all the air in the mountains is completely different from the city. Return to your room, go out to the balcony and sit in a chair.
The scenery was just facing the back mountain. It looked like a normal mountain.
Suddenly, I remembered that there was a telescope in the room. I want to see the scenery of nature, so I bring a telescope to the balcony.
There are only high-performance and expensive items, and they look really beautiful even in distant scenery.
The town can be seen far away, but the surrounding mountains were impressed by the birds perched on the trees.
Did you go crazy for about 30 minutes? Just as I was looking at the trees in the back mountains, I saw something moving in my sight.

 people? It looked like. I can see my back. The head is slippery. I’m constantly shaking my whole body. local people? dance?

He has a sickle in his hand. However, the strange thing is that it is completely naked even though it is this midwinter. Such a festival? However, there is only one.
My thoughts were confused and various things came to my mind. I can’t see my face because my back is facing me.
Seeing the movement, I remembered Sankai Juku for some reason.
“Don’t look any further”
I instinctively felt that way with.It’s a human, but it’s a little funny. Disgusting.
However, my curiosity has won. Maximize the telescope zoom. Smooth occipital region. The color is white.
At that moment, Soitsu slowly turned around while dancing.

Probably, I was modeling a face that seems to be human. He has a nose and a mouth. However, he has no eyebrows and only one eye is attached between the eyebrows. lengthwise.
His body trembled. The first one. Malformed Abunai. I met Soitsu through the lens of the telescope. His mouth is distorted. He is laughing.
The moment he met his eyes, he was screaming. I can’t stop tears. Anyway, I want to die. An unusual feeling of depression struck.
I want to die I want to die … As I ran around the room frantically, my uncle jumped in.
“What happened !?”
“Bakemon !!”
“Telescope !! Urayama !!”
My uncle looks into the telescope.
Raises an unvoiced growl and holds his head. He is crying with a runny nose.
I heard that I was a little more calm than before.
“What’s that !!”
“00 child ~ 00 child ~”
My uncle crying while screaming for her name.
I thought it was dangerous, and for the first time in my life, I struck a person’s face with all my might.
An uncle who wiggles his body. 10 seconds, 20 seconds … My uncle stared at me.
“Evil eye”
“Well, I have sunglasses in the drawer of my desk in my room, so bring them with me. For you too.”
“Why (ry”
“Bring it because it’s good !!”
<p> I handed my sunglasses to my uncle as I was told. With his quivering hands, his uncle wears sunglasses and looks into the telescope.
I’ve been moving the telescope for a while.
Moaning “Uh” and beckoning me. “Look at it with sunglasses.” I’m afraid, I wear sunglasses and look into it.
Although it was blurry through the sunglasses, I saw the soot in the trees. Indescribable anxiety struck again, but not as much as before.
However, the heart beats abnormally fast. I mean, it’s not the place I just mentioned … Is Soitsu a strange dance? It is moving while doing.
Keeping my eyes firmly on me … I’m down the mountain! ?? No way I’m here …! ??
“00, will you come out?”
“What? What do you do at this time …”
“If you go out, there is an empty PET bottle in the cafeteria, so please put it in.”
<p> When I said that, my uncle went down to the first floor. I can’t come out at such a time, so if I’m stunned
A few minutes later, my uncle returned with a yellow bottle in a plastic bottle.

“If you want, put it in this”
Saying  my uncle offered me another empty plastic bottle.
“No, so what’s that guy?”
“Mountain things … Yamako … I don’t know. However, when I was a kid, I used to go camping in the mountains with my dad, but

Oh, isn’t it the back mountain over there? Many strange things happen in the mountains …
Even at night, people talk outside the tent, but no one is there. At that time, like Shoben
When I sprinkled it, it suddenly stopped … ”
Then my uncle looked into the telescope again. It seems that he is observing him while moaning painfully.
“Hey. I don’t know how many kilometers per hour, but I’m moving really slowly and slowly. I couldn’t see it on the way …
I’m definitely heading to this lodge. ”
“Then, let’s drive back soon.”
“Maybe it’s useless … unless he diverts his interest from us … maybe he’ll follow him forever.
This is a kind of curse. I write it as an evil eye and read it as an evil eye …
“Is that the guy I mentioned earlier … but why are you so detailed?”
“When I was temporarily staying in a Scandinavian city for work … No, I’ll talk if we can help.”
“If you’re saved … are you here until he comes?”
“No, I’ll meet you.”

I thought it would be better to stay here, but my uncle’s opinion is
He said that he should do something before he came to the lodge.
I thought it would be better to run away if I went to such a scary guy, but
My uncle has always been a reliable person. I respect my uncle and decided to obey.
Glasses, PET bottles, backpacks with light food, binoculars on hand, wooden bats, flashlights, etc.
I took it and went into the back mountain. It was my uncle’s idea that he wanted to do something before it got dark.
Can you really stand his gaze? Even though there is sunglasses, not through the telescope,
Can you bear him up close? Various anxieties ran through my head.
The back mountain is quite vast. I searched for him while making full use of binoculars.
My uncle says he’s supposed to be moving towards us, so I’m thinking he’ll be in a mess someday.
It’s dangerous to go too deep and the sun goes down, so I decided to ambush in a slightly open place, about 500m from the lodge.
“You only have to divert your interest. Even your interest …”
“In my opinion, you have to get closer to him first, but never look straight at him.
Look diagonally. Do you understand what you are saying? Take your eyes off and grab the place outside your line of sight.
Then, sprinkle the accumulated shoben. If that doesn’t work …
Is it okay? It ’s a serious story, is n’t it? Show us our dick ”
“Evil eye, I hate unclean things. Manure, genitals …
So I can’t kill him, but I think we’ll be saved if he can escape. ”
“… If that doesn’t work?”
“… I have no choice but to run away. By car”
My uncle and I sat on the rock and waited in the indescribable fear and anxiety.
While taking turns looking at the binoculars. The time was around 4 o’clock.
“Brother, get up”
I can hear the voice of my younger brother, who died in an accident when I was 10 years old.
“Brother, get up. I’ll be late for school.”
Noisy. Let it rest for another 3 minutes.
“Brother, if you don’t wake up, you’ll die!”
Huh. Were sleeping? ?? In that fear and tension that is impossible. Have you been put to sleep? ??
Look at my uncle next to me. Are sleeping. Wake up in a hurry. Uncle jumps up.
Look at my watch, 5:30. The area is almost dark. Cold sweat flows.
“00, can you hear me?”
“Voice … song?”
When you concentrate your nerves and listen, is it a few meters forward on the right? I can hear a voice from the bushes.
It’s getting closer and closer to me. Singing like a folk song, I don’t know what you’re saying, but it’s an eerie and high voice.
I was so scared that my head was quite so. Just hearing the voice makes me hate everything in the world.
“Okay! Illuminate only your feet !!”
My uncle shouted, and I lit a flashlight under the bush where he was about to come out.
I could see my leg. It has no hair and is strangely white. It approaches while twisting the whole body.
What an eerie thing about that song! !! For a moment, my thoughts were cut off.
“Ahhhhh !!”
“Hi !!”
He sat down, on all fours, and brought his face to the position of the flashlight that illuminates his feet. I have faced it.
The same feelings as in the daytime struck. I want to die I want to die I want to die! It’s better to die than to see such a face! !!
My uncle also turned over the plastic bottle and cried. The fallen light illuminates his body. While singing a horrifying song that doesn’t make sense,
On all fours, it approaches like a newborn foal. A rusty sickle on the right. When I wondered if I would die by biting my tongue,
My uncle’s cell phone rang. The crying uncle somehow became absent-minded and took his cellphone out of his down pocket and looked at it.
I was staring at my uncle in the dark, wondering what I was doing at this time … I was about to die.
The cell phone is still ringing. Pururu. My uncle is staring at his cell phone. He came to me. I was incontinent because of fear. die.
At that time, my uncle roared and picked up the flashlight that had fallen to the ground.
I quickly picked up my plastic bottle rather than hanging it over me.
“Don’t look at me !! Close your eyes because it illuminates his face !!”
I was absorbed in rolling on the ground, my sunglasses slipped down, I held my head and closed my eyes.
From here on, the story I heard from my uncle later. First, illuminate his face and look out of sight.
It’s a bit dirty, but I put my mouth in my plastic bottle and put it in my mouth.
With the light shining on his face, he closes his eyes the moment he crouches and sprays his face. It blows like fog.
I heard a scream like the roar of his horse. In addition, put it in your mouth and blow it. Blow. In his eyes. In eye.

I can hear him screaming, which is even higher than before. But I’m still there! !!
The impatient uncle seems to have taken off his pants and underwear and illuminated his crotch with a light.
Perhaps he saw it. I don’t know the words, but he spit out a terrible curse-like grudge and turned his back.
I was looking up from there. My uncle’s light illuminates his back.
What was scary was that he was singing creepy songs, swaying, and moving slowly and slowly, even when he left! !!
It’s like the walking speed of an elderly man with a cane! !!
We were staring at him, illuminating his back with a light until he disappeared. Enduring the fear of not knowing when to look back …
After a period of pain and horror that seemed to be eternal, he disappeared into the darkness.
<p> We walked silently without any conversation until we returned to the lodge.
Once inside, my uncle checked all the doors and made coffee. He finally opens his mouth while drinking.
<p> “That’s what my uncle said, wasn’t he interested?”
“Hmm … probably. As expected, the dick has shrunk miserably.”
Uncle with a bitter smile. Eventually, he started talking about the evil eye …
My uncle often goes abroad by boat because of his job. He can’t tell you the details, but he’s a so-called technician.
One day my uncle was staying in a city in Scandinavia. A man who is a technical companion who can also be an interpreter who became friends locally
He says he will show you something interesting. My uncle was taken to an unpopular alley. I think he’s like striptease,
I was passed through a dingy, small house in the back alley. My uncle went inside and was surprised.
It looks shabby, but the inside of the house is totally different. A carpet that can be recognized as a luxury item at a glance. Vase. Precious metals … There is also a fragrant scent.
Without knowing why, when my uncle was fascinated, he was passed through a small room in the back.
A man in his 60s was sitting there while the candles were lit. The only strange thing is that I wore sunglasses at night even though I was in the house.
According to a local man, he has an “evil eye.”

Evil eye is one of the folklore and superstitions that are widely distributed in the world.
By maliciously glaring at the other party, it is possible to curse the targeted victim.
Also known as the evil eye, the evil eye, and the magic eye.
Depending on the power of the evil eye, a person may become ill and weakened, eventually even dying.
<p> My uncle was listening to the explanation with half a tease. This man may be such a kind of magician
The sitting man listened to the local man. According to the man, he doesn’t seem to believe it, so let him experience a little power.
My uncle agreed, thinking that this was also a pleasure. In addition, a man listens to a local man. The man says,
“I’ll tie you up from now on. Don’t get me wrong because I’m so strong.
You will rampage. I stare into your eyes with my eyes for only a moment. That’s all you have to do. ”
He said he thought he was probably doing something horrifying to his eyes.
It may be that my eyes are really ugly and crushed, or it may be colored contacts.
Or, the incense has some kind of dazzling effect … I was reluctant to be tied up, but
His friend’s local man was also a really reliable person, so he responded.
A man approaches his uncle tied to a chair. His friend is looking back.
Gently remove the sunglasses. Looking down on my uncle.
“It’s really like when I saw him today.”
I put the coffee on the table and my uncle muttered.
“The moment I see it, I want to die. My eyes are normal eyes.
Anyway, I hate everything in the world. I was staring at it for only a second or two.
I don’t think it’s a suggestion, hypnosis, or anything like that. ”
A friend says that the evil-eye man will kill him if he has enough money.
He also heard that he was also used in the conflict of the local mafias.
About a week before his uncle returned home, the evil-eye man died.
He was killed by crushing the men of his organization and working.
The man was dead in a whore’s hut tied to a chair. He says manure was wrapped around his floor.
The man is said to have died by tearing his rope with tremendous force and hollowing out his binoculars.

“As I said, evil eyes hate unclean things. Did they show up on striptease or sexual activity while being covered with filth?”
I was listening to the story without the energy to say a word. I wonder if the monster I mentioned earlier also has an evil eye.
My uncle continued, as if he had read my thoughts.
“I don’t know if he was really a monster or if he was raised that way.
However, I don’t think he should just run away … So he faced with the intention of dying.
Kappa also say that he doesn’t like human spit. Unexpectedly, rather than sutras or amulets
The human body may be more effective for such things. ”
While listening to the story, I remembered my brother’s dream and talked. I think my brother helped me …
I was crying. My uncle listened mysteriously, and after about a minute of silence, he opened his mouth.
“Maybe that’s the case … 00 was stronger than you.
Do you remember my cell phone that rang? That’s from her broke up.
But, you can’t use your cell phone around this mountain. Look. Isn’t even one antenna standing right now?
So maybe that’s the case … Let’s go down the mountain and go home right now.
I will sell this lodge as well. I want to call her soon. ”
My uncle laughed shyly, drank coffee and stood up.



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