Parasite Curse mirror

It was earlier this year, so it was a long time ago. 
I met about the ghostly ghost man I wrote last time, 
This is the case involving H, the second person in my life who “probably really looks”. 
B contacted A and told him to meet him. 
If you think about it, A has been B (or something that is attached to B) since he was a student. 
It seemed to be avoided, but B seemed to like A. 
A has been involved with B for some reason since last year, so keep going with friends 
I think I want to revive (currently progressive). 
 A had no reason to refuse, and it was OK because there was a close in the previous case, but 
B and I were just reluctant to call me. 
The closing is when B, who is sleeping soundly, is brought into the house of Onryo I. 
It seems that he did not oppose it. 
According to A, it was really ridiculous last time. 
 “When I was in the well, I had to run away, but at that time, Mr. H was blocking the escape route … I thought I had to stop it all the time after the door started shaking, and if B’s ​​thing lost. I was really scared of what happened to B. ” 
 When I met B at the meeting place on the day, A already had a delicate face. 
When I entered the family restaurant, B said something from his bag, “Look at this!” 
compact? What is it? It’s a round flat fold, and the inside is a mirror on both sides. 
Something old-fashioned. It has a metallic texture and is very old-fashioned. 
The expression on the side A is solid again. 
 “It’s an antique. You see, I fell asleep before arriving at the site even though I was trying my best the other day? A and I contacted my husband.” 
B said that he met H after that as “the person who taught me the liver test spot” by calling C. 
“Mr. H, please apologize for having fallen because I sent you to a strange place, and apologized for this ♪ 
It’s pretty good and I like it, but it doesn’t seem to be cheap. I thought I’d send some sweets in return. “
After speaking properly and returning B, A contacted H immediately and met a few days later. 
H who appeared seemed to have guessed when we heard that we met B. 
When A yelled, “What are you thinking!”, H laughed with a nose. 
 “Don’t you think it’s a good idea? Don’t scatter it, that” 
 …… The fact that curse goods actually exist as well as the curse room 
I was informed again. 
No, I think I already knew about the ring, but it was used for antiques and recycled products. 
It’s scary to think that there is something like that, even if it’s rare. 
Compact, surely things are good, but H seems to have not paid any money. 
Rather, he said that he was crying to take it silently because he would make money. 
While H is gathering information for I, the ghostly man in the previous story, 
It seems that the information that H is a “visible person” was also widely disseminated. 
There was a lot of people who brought in strange things to pay. 
H tells me that if he doesn’t have anything, and he tells me the real thing that comes out occasionally 
He said he was making money from his pocket money. 
Pick up (and sell) gold items that you can clean up on your own, 
It seems that those who could do the dedication earned a lot of money by giving advice on how to handle it. 
 “Of course, my life is regrettable, so I refused to be uncontrollable. I made a mistake in that mirror. Since I can’t leave the mirror, I can just take out the whole body at worst, so it’s a risk. I thought it was small, but it was sweet. That’s why I asked Mr. B. “
 H laughed and said that he was empty. 
From what I asked H, is it compact? Does not allow the absence of the owner. 
When I tried to throw it away, it got in the way and I heard that it couldn’t be thrown away. 
I don’t want to hold the possessed thing for a long time because it’s too much for H’s hand, but to others 
It hurt my conscience to give it away, so I thought it was a dish I had left over. 
 “There is no problem because he is a guy who can not go anywhere else from the main body and it is not a level that can compete with Mr. B’s thing. Mr. B, did you not sleep?” 
 If B loves the compact for a while, it will be worn out and blurred 
It was H’s argument that it would disappear. 
With this is actually the front pretending. 
It was late May that A contacted me again. 
…… B, I said I gave up the compact. 
When I contacted H, he said that the easy-going H was upset. 
I was also involved and dating, and the three of us visited the next owner. 
 When A asks B, he asks a friend (not when he was a student, no acquaintance with us) 
When I showed it, I was envious of it being said to be a very good product, and I wanted you to lend me a little 
I told him that if I lent him, he wouldn’t return it. 
“I don’t get a reply when I contact my cell phone or email” 
It seems that he misunderstood A’s facial expression when he said 
B said he was dented, saying, “I’m sorry for the gift.” 
 …… Relying on the name and other information that A had a hard time hearing from B 
When we found B friend’s house, B friend was separated on the premise of divorce. 
I wasn’t at home. 
If you say that there is only a husband and our purpose is to lend it to his wife, 
He came out and gave me something with a dark face and few words. 
At that time, a glance from his right cuff, which had bandaged his ankles, 
I saw something just above his wrist. 
 I picked up the thing and left my friend’s house, and I confirmed with A and H. 
… It wasn’t a mistake. They both said it had a human tooth pattern. 
The conversation between the two people after that is as follows. 
 “It’s your wife’s tooth pattern, isn’t it?” 
“Maybe …. I’ve done it.” 
 As expected, H was pale blue. 
 “It’s Mr. H’s fault” 
“Yeah, it’s my fault …. I said it was a compact curse, so I thought I wouldn’t let go of Mr. B.” 
“Don’t say anything. Generally, if it’s expensive, you can think of it as a thief. Why do you do such a sloppy thing?” 
 A says in a very piercing tone and H shuts up, feeling awkward 
We broke up with H. 
The example compact was brought back by H. 
However, A said that there was nothing in the compact anymore. 
The thing that B had been using for a few months and continued to be scraped off, 
B friend says that it’s the last one or the end devil. 
I think I received it. 
After that, when I drank with H in June (I’ve been dating somehow since I) 
From what I’ve heard, the money that sold off the straightforward example compact 
He colored it and sent it to a woman who was a friend of B. 
It seems that he checked the remittance destination on his own, and even though it always looks like Noh weather, there is one case 
I thought I answered. 
Last but not least, about the identity of what was possessed by the compact. 
Before the loss of B’s ​​compact, I heard a little when A called H. 
…… I didn’t understand it well, but where H “seen”, 
“A four-legged mammal has insect wings.” A creature clung to it. 
I couldn’t see him in A (whether it’s the difference in ability or the influence of B’s ​​presence 
(I don’t understand), I heard that the cold feathers of my spine were entwined. 
 I can’t see only one of them, 
“What are the wings of insects on mammals? Are they creatures of a different dimension?” 
When I heard that, A and H suddenly hit the timing as if they were aiming. 
It was impressive to look away. 
A was silent, but H deliberately laughed hahaha, 
“… Humans twist the shape of their spirits with just a grudge or a curse. 
I’m scared to be that kind of thing. Really. ” 
To be honest, I’m glad I didn’t have the power to see gloomy things.



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