Parasite Curse room

It seems that A was invited by another friend (let’s call him F) when he was a student and visited B’s house together. 
He wanted to know if “something” was still there, and above all, if B’s ​​child was normal. 
When I heard the story after I came back most,
She said, “… I didn’t go …”. 
According to A, B lived in a rather quiet suburb and was happy to welcome him. 
Since it was a holiday, B said that her husband and children were also present and greeted. 
 And from the conclusion, it seems that “something” was in B after all. 
…… Moreover, A says, “I grew up.” 
Do you say that you are getting bigger, that you are getting stronger, or that you are getting clearer? 
“I can’t see the outline of the shape or face. 
If it’s fog, it’s “thick”, and if it’s a figure, it’s “three-dimensional”. 
The sign is getting stronger, and it feels like the smell of sprinkling or something like radioactivity is increasing. 
To be honest, I was horrified. “

Also, from the time A and F got off at the nearest station, the city itself seemed to be terribly unpleasant. 
Even F, who is not a “visible person,” seems to be restless. 
“… I think it feels strange. Is it because it’s quiet despite having many children? 
It’s a little early, but why not go to B’s house rather than entering the store? “
It was enough to say. 
A has a surprisingly large amount of spiritually terrible things on the short way to B’s house. 
I heard you saw it. 
You can tell at a glance that you’re dying so badly that you can’t come to mind, or animal spirits with poor nature. 
He said he was already laughing. 
Not just a net spirit, but a lump of grudged air? Something like that, or an unpleasant sign that seems to be very old. 
It seems that he was really scared because strange things came up to him. 
 “I was scared because the city seemed to be covered with evil. I think I would have turned back if I was alone. But to F 
I didn’t want to think that the story of the spirit was strange, and I’m already possessed behind it. 
I felt like I was there. I thought that if I went to B’s house, I could do something about it, so I went as it was. “
So when I arrived at B’s house in a hurry, it seemed that nothing could approach it as usual. 
B’s house is beautiful except that it is full of signs of “something” that B is carrying. 
Rather, he was relieved. 
“B husband and B baby were normal. However, he was extremely insensitive to that system. 
I didn’t feel good or bad at all from the beginning, so I wasn’t influenced by either. 
There are some people who live only in the real world of “this” for the rest of their lives. 
If I live with B, I think it’s useless otherwise. B Both husband and baby have guardian spirits 
I couldn’t see it. I wonder if the guardian spirit couldn’t stay at that house and disappeared. “
 …… Is it okay if there is no guardian spirit? 
I asked A if the guardian spirit was back when they weren’t with B, but 
I didn’t understand that. 
 Anyway, if we meet each other for the first time in a long time and report on each other’s status, 
It seems that B’s hobby, or ghost story lover, was still alive. 
It was a fairly new, well-located, spacious and splendid room. 
When F praises, it seems that B’s house is a defective property with a tag … 
The B family is in the 10th place even though it is not very old because the inhabitants change quite often. 
He was a resident. There were multiple accidents and suicides, and there were other residents who went out due to misfortune. 
The rent was exceptionally low because it had become a popular room. 
“The real estate agent also showed me around, but I didn’t recommend it so much. 
I knew my neighbors and asked, “Are you really okay? Well, if something happens 
You should move without forcing yourself. I’m sorry to talk about this, but that room, 
There are so many things … be careful. ” 
But this person (Husband B) doesn’t care about that at all, and if I’m rather a ghost 
I want to see it ~ “
B said with a real laugh of 
 “But after all, I’m just talking about that. I’ve lived for half a year now, but 
There is nothing at all. There were quite a few accidents in my neighborhood, and I was hit by a railroad crossing. 
I have children, and it’s the same if I have to be careful. By chance  in this room
I guess I was made into a cursed room because I concentrated on people. “
 …… F nodded, “That’s right,” but A can’t hold back his face. 
He said it was finally done. 
A says. 
Perhaps the room was a real “curse room”. 
It’s a place where something bad happens and it becomes a hangout. 
There seems to be. 
There are various things such as spiritual positional relationships, swamps and seas nearby, and their directions. 
Because of that, the point of attracting and accumulating bad things is 
There are times when it can be done. 
“If it’s a highly airtight room in a building, there’s something that’s accumulated in the building. 
It won’t come out. Bad things collect there, so other places can be beautiful, 
Because sometimes. …… B started to live there, suddenly. “
That is. 
In the expression of A, 
“A lot of pests that have been collecting all the cockroaches, centipedes, and wasps in the town. 
It’s like suddenly knocking over an oversized Varsan in the middle of the hut. “
It was <p>. And A also said: 
“I don’t hate B, but I don’t think she’ll ever go to B’s house or around. 
…… It will take years before it becomes more scattered and calm. 
It was like that. “
In A’s words, B’s husband and B’s children would be okay. 
As long as we live together, the sign of “something” in B will continue to permeate strongly. 
I avoid most things, and because they are not easily harmed by spiritual things in the first place. 
Actually, when husband B sent me to the station while going out on the way back, the bad thing that hangs on the road is 
Rather, he seemed to avoid it. 
 …… The problem is probably someone living nearby …… 
Something has become a story with a bad aftertaste. 
Thank you for reading. 
Sorry for the bad aftertaste. 
 I didn’t feel refreshed either and wanted to spit it out. 
Maybe A is the same. 
A is “Mieru Hito”, but that’s why it appears in manga 
He said he couldn’t be like a super psychic. 
I try not to get involved in things that I know I can never win, I can’t do anything, 
I told you that I haven’t survived until now if I put out my hands one by one. 
I remember hearing it. 
However, I wonder if B is envious because the danger is automatically prevented even though he can’t see anything. 
When I asked again, he shook his head clearly and heavily. 
 “I never think. I’m living in such a thing in my body and I’m not aware of it. 
I don’t want to die. I can’t explain it well, but as a result, I got help 
Even if there is, that does not accept the senses “

The answer to the question of what is different from ordinary spirits is 
It was “no passion”. 
“It’s hard to explain the feeling of strangeness, but it’s easy to understand. 
In a sense, the spirit is like a bare heart. 
Whether you are a person or an animal, you can always see what color you have. 
“I want to live” or “painful” because it’s simple. 
Based on that passion, I will worship and protect in this world. 
But B’s thing can’t see it. I have some intention and am actively moving 
I understand that, but I have no consistent feelings that are the source of it. 
When it comes out of B and when it comes back into B, it’s the thing that came out of the well. 
Even when I was bumping, it wasn’t at all. 
As a spiritual thing, it’s absolutely impossible. “
 …… What is it really?



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