Parasite Imitation

I had time again, and I summarized the story that was a while ago, so I dropped it as a distraction. 
This is the story of last fall. 
H, I thought I was disciplined about compact, but I didn’t discipline. 
As usual, it seems that he is making a little money by using “Mieru”. 
A story about that guy’s “money earning”. 
 It’s always unpleasant to talk about him saying that H is always annoying 
(But it’s difficult to cut off because there are no other acquaintances of “Mieru Hito”) 
A was more interested than complaining and heard root digging and leaf digging, rather than scary 
This is a rare case. 
A few months after I posted the compact issue. 
H contacted me and decided to go drinking. 
The place where I was called was a strange place. 
In a city a little far away, there is a forest-like forest on the outskirts of the city. 
When you enter the gravel-lined road as instructed, thinking hey, 
There was something like a lonely stone monument in the back. 
When I said “Oikora” to H who was waiting next to the stone monument, he 
“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m there, but I’m a poor guy ♪” 
I smiled and laughed. 
“Well, let’s go out and have a drink.” 
When I said, H’s cell phone rang and he came out. 
“Hey ♪ J (I, my abbreviation will be J from now on) came. Oh, here.” 
H cuts his cell phone and raises his hand to B as he walks down the gravel road. 
“Yaho ♪ J-kun” 
The figure of B walking while raising his hand. A convenience store bag in his hand. 
“I’m tired. Mr. B, did you get lost when you went to the convenience store?” 
“A little. It seemed like I made a mistake on the side street, even when I came back here.” 
B who answered is the contents of the convenience store bag-magazines, tea pets, gum, etc. 
Start refilling something small in the lowered bag. 
 When I saw H in that gap, he explained in a whisper.
“I was asked, and I couldn’t see it well at the stage of talking. Imagine the worst case 
I called Mr. B. It was a brave leg, though. “
It was H who said that and specified the date and place to meet. 
I’m not a friend who can call B, a married woman who knows nothing, one-on-one. 
It seems that he used me as an excuse (I think he hated C. I’m a grudge lump man I 
Since then, it seems that he doesn’t want to talk about B). 
H continued, regardless of me being disappointed. 
“J and B, aren’t you on good terms? Is it okay to drink together today? 
You can go home to Mr. B at the first house and go to the next one. The first one, I’ll treat you. “
“No, I don’t mind with B at all. Isn’t it okay with three people?” 
So, when I consulted with a restaurant that drinks as it is, H’s cell phone rang again. 
H, who saw his cell phone, said to me and B. 
“Bad. Wait a minute. It may take a while.” 
B answered Noh weather, “J-kun is okay ~. I’m talking ~”, 
H is just for me, 
“Around here, there are only those who can’t come even if Mr. B is there. 
Don’t worry at all ♪ “
It disappeared during the grove where the setting sun began to shine. 
 So, when I talked with B about my student days, it took only a few minutes. 
H said, “Hey, J (me) !!” 
It was a strange voice. 
“…? Oh, what’s that fast?” 
“Ah. Come here!” 
Somehow, H, who appeared from the forest next to him instead of the road, had a spider web on his head. 
He hooked and put a leaf on his shoulder and was strangely pale. 
“………? H, what happened?” 
I asked, and B also mysteriously asked, “Mr. H?”, But 
H approached with tremendous momentum without answering. 
And he grabbed my arm tightly and pulled it with a fair amount of force 
“Come on,” he said. 
Thinking something was strange, I somehow resisted the force of pulling my arm, 
B breaks into the place where they are pulling each other 
He approached and said, “Mr. H, what did you do?” 
 Then. H turned around with great momentum to the fact that he was smashed. 
When I thought I was released, I grabbed B’s chest and hit him. 
A snap, goo, a woman’s face. 
B who screams and collapses. 
I was astonished, unable to move and just looking at the appearance of H. 
H, which causes B and tries to put in the second shot, 
I finally moved and stopped him and let him go. 
B staggers and stands up, without stopping 
“Cha ――――――! Help ――――――――!” 
Screaming like, I ran into the forest and ran away. 
When I saw H who grabbed my shoulder as I tried to chase after him in a hurry, I was honestly surprised by his expression. 
Is this really H? A’s voice stuck in my ear. 
“J-kun? Mr. H? All right——? 』
“Ah ―――――――― It’s okay! I’ve repelled you now!” 
Return loudly as if H was tense. 
“… Hey, J” 
At last, H, whose expression was a little softened, thrust his cell phone into my ear. 
“J-kun? Are you there anymore? B’s fake “
“… What?” 
A gave me a rough explanation to me when I asked him back. 
…… I stayed with me until a while ago, waiting for H and talking with me about my college days. 
B, who was beaten by H and ran away, was not B. 
 H pulls me who has completely stopped thinking and goes out of the forest to a normal road 
After walking for a while, I found a convenience store and approached it. 
B is in the dimly lit parking lot. He was playing with his cell phone. 
“Oh, J-kun! H-san!” 
There are no traces of being beaten on B’s face, which screamed cheerfully. 
“I got lost trying to get back to the meeting place and went back to the convenience store. 
Even if I sent an email, I didn’t get a reply, so I was impatient because the radio wave was bad. “
“… Yeah, the radio wave was bad, J came and it worked. I didn’t receive an email.” 
H, who barely laughed, and my cell phone, which had stopped thinking, rang together. 
“It’s B. Excuse me! I arrived at a convenience store, but I didn’t know how to get back there 
It has become. I’m waiting at the convenience store, so when J arrives, come to the convenience store 
Will you give me 
 When I read the incoming email, my head finally started to move and I was caught in a whirlpool of confusion 
Aside from me, H and B consulted with a drink shop again. 
When I decided, I called and was dragged by the two people who made the reservation, 
For the time being, drink and talk, and after a break, leave the store early 
“I’m a housewife and I have children, so it’s about time to open.” 
H said B and broke up, and I went home half-confused. 
 A few days later. I got in touch with H and met with A and three people, and finally I explained the situation 
I was able to receive it. 
“It’s a place where people who see themselves come out. Is there a curse? 
Check it out. “
H, who met the person who saw it directly, why is the sign and strength of the enemy 
I was worried that I couldn’t read it, so I thought about calling B for insurance, and used me as an excuse. 
As mentioned above, I set the drink. 
For the time being, H, who entered the site alone in search of a sign, has a sign of the other party 
He seems to have missed the point of being poorer than expected. 
Certainly there are spiritual things, but it’s really shabby for the age. 
Even though I met the counselor, I couldn’t read it because it was too shabby. 
I was convinced that it was my body. 
I don’t think I can do anything more than “show” my alter ego. 
No need to worry. That was the original conclusion of H. 
“No, I was really poor. I think I lost it when I came.” 
At ,B came to the stone monument at the meeting place and waited for J (me) together, but 
Assuming the worst situation (if there is a dangerous thing, it’s good B 
It seems that he was trying to get rid of it without noticing B himself. 
This kind of thing in H seems to hurt A’s nerves …), but the meeting time is 
It was staggered, so I had too much time to spare. 
B said he wanted gum, so he showed him the way to a convenience store. 
While I was searching for a poor sign that I couldn’t see even though I was left alone, 
I arrived. Then B return. 
“At that time, I didn’t think it was really weird.
H and A, everyone who can see is not only the appearance when looking at people 
It seems that they also see things that are naturally present and possessed. 
B was definitely B’s sign, and there was also “Are”. 
There was nothing to doubt. 
The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was the sign of “that” that I could see properly 
It’s strangely weak or thin. 
Since the quality of the sign is the same, I interpret it as if the sign weakens if I retract into B 
I passed through, but I’m still worried even after I left the stone monument on the work phone. 
I wonder if it’s weak to see, thin or pella, 
The words that came to my mind as I continued to think. 
“It looks like a papier mache” 
 No, even if you think that the outside may remain like a shell when retracted 
The feeling of strangeness cannot be canceled. 
Something is very unnatural, such as leaving only the shape and retracting the contents. 
The raw power that is the most unrelated to such camouflage or bluntness is exposed 
Even though the existence that seems to be there is B’s. 
 As the number of suspicious calls increased, I interrupted the call and turned back. 
He took a photo of B and sent it to A for listening. 
Immediately, A replied, “It’s not B’s. Absolutely not. ” 
When it retracts, it loses its shape. Even then, the sign is like the remaining scent 
Wraps B. It’s not weak.

H who received the reply seems to have reached the conclusion instantly. 
There is absolutely no such thing as B, which is fake and carries on his back. 
Impossible. No matter how much it looks like, B is a fake. 
 …… Honestly, there were some points that I couldn’t understand. 
Anyway, “B as usual carrying a fake thing” is a person who can see 
It seems impossible from the viewpoint. 
 In addition, the fact that H was impatient and A was also surprised. 
It was that the thing in the stone monument copied the sign and possession. 
In their words, there are things that imitate the voices and appearances of others. 
And the one that imitates the human figure depends on the person’s sign or possession. 
It doesn’t capture spirits, so even if it’s a hallucination or a ghost, it’s for people who can see it 
It seems that you can understand without question. 
However, this time’s thing is far from the sign and aura of the person himself, 
I tried to copy it, including the signs of the spirit behind it. 
This is really the first case for both of them to see and hear. 
 “Mr. B’s thing is also a special rare thing, and I couldn’t copy it as expected 
I wonder. Still, that accuracy? For ordinary people, even the guardian spirit 
It’s likely that you can copy it completely. “
“Mr. H was deceived … what is it? It’s weak. 
Did you pretend? “
As far as H explained to A’s question with gestures, A’s view was also 
“That’s true. It’s a trivial level, isn’t it?” 
It was said that. 
It is also a mystery what the poor and poor sign wanted to do by imitating B. 
At that time, H was in a hurry as to whether I was targeted, but when I calmly returned, 
It seems that he didn’t have the power to deal with one living human being. 
And nowadays, I can’t even investigate …
What happened to the thing that was beaten by H that day with all his might, since then 
The poor owner is gone. 
 H (with me and A) who visited the stone monument at a later date said, “I’m gone.” 
I said with a bitter smile. 
A agreed, and it seems that this is the solution to the request. 
It seems to be. 
Was it panicked and hit by H in full throttle and disappeared or escaped? 
It is A’s word that he did. 
Also, I didn’t feel anything other than being astonished by H’s sudden assault. 
I thought, but when I remembered it later, there was one thing that was certainly strange. 
I remember talking to B (something I thought was) next to the stone monument, but 
I can’t remember what I said. 
I only have vague memories like “I talked about my college days”. 
I have no idea what grade I was in or what event I was talking about. 
The fact that the real B was speaking at the bar was the air above me. 
Regardless, I remember it well. 
 Speaking to H and A, with an even more difficult face, “That’s not a hallucinatory system.” 
“It’s a makeover, it looks just like Mr. H’s deception? Hmm …”, 
The two of us were tilting their heads.



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