Parasite Like a nuclear power plant

So far I wrote in the previous thread. 
With that as a premise, I remembered the story I heard from my ex-boyfriend (let’s say E) of female friend B at that time and dropped it. 
 E once took B to her parents’ house. 
Then, E-sister, who was kind and polite to her all the time, 
It seems that he was very rude to B. 
She makes an unreasonable connection and makes tea from her head, swearing at her mouth, 
The level of bullying rather than rudeness. 
Feeling terribly frustrated anyway, E finally called her sister to her kitchen. 
Leaving B in her room, she blamed E for her mother and E. 
Then E-sister’s argument is 
“The Buddhas in the back grave are all crazy and scared! 
I don’t like that woman just being in the house! !! “
It seems that it was like this. 
Neither E nor E mother was disappointed and did not deal with them, and E sister insisted so soon that she would go to the psychosomatic medicine department. 
Thinking about taking her, E rounded up her story and returned to B. 
Then, B was sleeping on her cushion pillow. 
Even if B doesn’t wake up no matter how much he wakes up
Moreover, E-sister was so noisy that she could get rid of her, so she told E for the time being to take B out and let her go home. 
 Up to this point, it was just a flirtation between women, but there was after that. 
…… As E-sister said, there is a large graveyard (and a temple over there) behind the E family. 
The day after E got B in his car and ran away, there was a fuss at the graveyard. 
Dozens of tombstones that collapsed overnight. 
The letters on the surface were erased as if they had been scraped off, such as being split into two or cracked. 
There were even some tombstones, and many tombstones were supposed to be great. 
After that, when E heard rumors from her mother near her parents’ house, 
No matter how many times some houses fix their graves, they will collapse. When a house asked for a psychic, 
“It’s no good. No matter how many times you fix the grave, you can’t bring back your ancestors and put them to sleep peacefully. 
Can not do. …… I’m sorry, but it may be better to look for another place for future burial. 
I was told. 
 …… Is B’s “Sole” and the Buddha in the graveyard a fir? 
I mean, was E-sister a visible person? 
Where was the Buddha who was no longer confused with “Sole”? And 
When she asked A after hearing the story, 
“I don’t want to think about it. I feel sorry for you. If you relax at your own home 
I think it was like the nuclear power plant was moving next door, for those people. “
…… I thought it was a situation I certainly didn’t want to think about.



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