Parasite mark

He told me another thing about when A visited B’s house. 
It took a long time because I couldn’t put it together well. 
This is also a story with a bad aftertaste, so I want to give it to someone and feel refreshed. 
I’m sorry, but please keep in touch. 
When A visited B’s house with his friend F, there was a story about a child who was hit at a railroad crossing. 
As I wrote earlier. 
I don’t know the cause, but it was a flower, and B sighed sadly. 
“It’s painful, unfortunately for a small child. My parents will be painful to death. Even I, 
I don’t know what will happen if this child goes first before he becomes an adult. “
B, who nodded with F, suddenly remembered, 
“When I was in elementary school, her classmate was unhappy, and her mother was frantic. 
She went to the funeral, but when she approached her, she was glared at me with great eyes. 
I wish you had died, why was my child yelled at and scared. 
But now I feel like I understand a little. “
B, who said quietly, told me a memory story at that time. 
Memories of B more than 10 years ago + I heard from A again + A little fake 
It’s hard to understand, but the story is as follows. 
 B’s father used to move and move once every few years. 
So, there was a time when I lived in the country when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade of elementary school. 
In a town like the place where the commuter town started, with a yoso who has transferred to an elementary school, 
It seems that both local residents attended. 
 At one point, B was invited by his classmate girl to her home. 
The house is an old local house, and some other children, both local and local, have been called. 
Some children came alone and some came with their parents, and B was sent to B’s mother. 
It’s a big, fine house, and it’s time for a small local event. 
My classmate’s brother also called a friend, and some relatives came there. 
It was a little festive state. 
 Sake, sweets and food are served, children play, adults talk, 
It seems that the fathers there gathered together when the sun was about to set. 
So, I have something to do before the opening, so is it a princess? Is it a shrine maiden? The role of someone 
It seems that he said something like recruiting children to do it. 
I have costumes and tools, so I definitely want to ask someone who is a newcomer (Yoso). 
Because I want to get along well from now on. 
Looking at the beautiful fluttering white clothes, B raised his hand first, saying “Hi-Hi!” 
She seems to have become “then you”. 
I asked the person there to put on white clothes, make up, and put on a white cloth. 
I remember having a lot of fun when I was asked to put it on something like a omikoshi. 
Mother B was also happy to take pictures saying “Oh! It’s cute, B”. 
 The father there, that is, the owner’s explanation, took a omikoshi to a nearby company, 
The people who carried them leave the humans once. 
Then the princess got off the portable shrine and entered the shrine. 
She said she should leave her offerings and liquor, and if she was in the company, she would pick her up. 
Some men carried B on the omikoshi, and the group climbed the mountain road. 
“It’s too fun, so if you get quiet on the way, you’ll be very sleepy. 
At last, she noticed that no one was there anymore, so she hurriedly went inside the shrine. 
I entered, but I was really sleepy, so 
Anyway, I put some offerings and sake and went down there. 
When I asked my mom later, she was sleeping soundly when the person who was carrying the omikoshi came to pick me up. 
He collected it, took it, and returned. 
“Troublesome! !! !! “My mom was angry. 
Besides, after I got home, I got sick and fell asleep. 
I didn’t get a fever for about 3 days and said, “I’m going to sleep in such a place after making a lot of noise! She said 
I was scolded by my mom. “
While B was asleep, local adults who were on the night of the festival often came to visit him. 
Especially the classmate mother of the old family came a little, how is your physical condition? 
She asked B in various ways if she would have a strange dream. 
“For your sympathy, you brought me the princess costume. 
I think I like it, so I hope it will be displayed in the room. Besides, 
The amulets of the shrine there and the offerings at the festival are hidden. I’m sorry to bother you 
I wasn’t angry, I was kind, that aunt. But “
B finally got rid of his fever, recovered and went to school. 
It seems that the child of the old family who invited me died the day before the recovery of B. 
When B mother and B went to the funeral together, the classmate mother who saw B and others 
She started screaming with tremendous momentum. 
“Why are you alive?” “Why is my child taken away?” 
“You must have gone to XX, what happened to the mark?” 
When Mother B tries to return the white costume, she is screamed insanely. 
Her classmate’s mother was even more angry, screaming she was lying, this was a lie, 
It seems that B and B mother returned without being able to burn incense. 
“I was scared and cried at that time, but my mom said later. 
“If my child dies before me, everyone will be sad and crazy. 
If something happens to B, even mom will be like that. 
Don’t worry about her because B isn’t bad. ” I think that’s really the case now. “
 …… So, a supplementary explanation that A gave me (including A’s guess). 
“… B’s favorite ghost story is all about cars and elevators. 
Why don’t you notice? I honestly think. 
…… A white kimono and a white headgear are not princesses or shrine maidens. 
Isn’t she a bride? “
I think I’m pretty dull when I’m told for the first time. 
Riding on the “litter”, it was carried to the “sha” where God is, 
Left alone with sake and offerings 
If you were the daughter of “white kimono and white headgear”, that would be the case. 
“… If it’s an old, neat festival that actually has its own vehicle, it’s usually 
You don’t ask a newcomer’s child for an important role. I have a child from that house of the same age. 
…… At that time, B’s thing might have been small. 
I was feverish and fell asleep. “
The B family left the town for a transfer after a while. 
Until then, it was completely avoided by the classmate’s house, and the house there (Mother B says 
“Unfortunately”) One after another, whether it was an accident or an illness, the older child (brother of the dead child) 
I was hospitalized, so I couldn’t talk to him because he seemed busy. 
The white outfit in the example cannot be returned, and B still has it.
B was shocked to find that her mother, who lost her child, was painful and sad. 
Even now, every time I see the costume, I feel sad when I clean it up or move. 
“If I hadn’t received this costume because of my sympathy, I wondered if she would have been saved. 
I thought. She hasn’t been thrown away and has it forever. “
………… In A’s opinion, the old white kimono is 
“I thought it was marking. Somehow, when I glanced at it.” 
That’s right. 
It’s a solid silk fabric, and it’s a size that will drag the hem long if a child wears it. 
The kimono has something like a fine and delicate character-like pattern on the whole. 
It seems that it was woven in Missiri. 
And with a faint, squeaky scent, 
Strangely, it’s a sign of “raw” (and A expressed it), or 
It smelled like something in that world. 
 In A’s words, the classmates are “not taken” after B survives, so 
Maybe she brought the bride’s wedding costume to House B in spite of herself. 
(I said it was a complete guess). 
However, the owner of the company couldn’t take B in the end because of something (probably B’s). 
And that was the end of the company’s rampage … 
…… If so, I felt very uncomfortable thinking about it. 
How much did the children of the classmates who invited the children of B and others newcomers to their homes know? 
And again, her mother, whose child was taken away because of her disappointment, 
How did you feel? 
Anyway, I think it’s a story with a bad aftertaste. 
 There are some pictures that B showed me, “I have one, do you want to see it?” 
A asked B to borrow one, and he politely showed me orz 
…… A picture of a young B in a white kimono with some wrapping black lines. 
“The branches of the out-of-focus tree are reflected, it looks like a psychic photograph.” 
B said, but it seemed that a big black hand was holding B rather than a tree branch. 
By the way, the outer circumference of the outline of B’s ​​figure looks grayish and vague. 
Rather than saying “I’m wearing a white kimono” (Talk B), it’s a mini-house in that well. 
It looks like the thing I saw without a grip … 
 …… Mother B was struck by her friend a few years ago and was a little playful. 
She has shown the picture to a psychic. Psychics 
“This girl is fascinated by the strong and strong mountain spirit. I’m sorry for her, but 
It won’t be her next birthday. “
She said that. 
“I’m sorry to say that I’m a college student now, so I’m back home.” 
B heard from her mother that she had blown out together, B said. 
It’s just a speculative and unclear story, but that’s it.



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