Parasite Ring

Actually, there is another story when I was a student, and I recently learned about it.
The story is settled, so let me drop it. 
This is the same as the case of the well, and my direct experience comes in. 
I wrote the story of B’s ​​ex-boyfriend E when he was a student. 
E wasn’t our playmate, so he wasn’t involved in the well case. 
I heard that I broke up with B just before graduation because I got a job. 
Perhaps even now, you may not know the existence of something that goes in and out of B. 
 When I was a student, B used to show off the ring I got from E. 
It was a ring with a combination of gold and silver, and it seemed to be quite good in the words of the girls in the group, but A seemed to be very delicate. 
It was after the well, so I asked A later, “Is there that ring?” 
“… Yeah … maybe it’s bad. But what should I do? I don’t know who can purify you?” 
I didn’t know any real “Mieru Hito” other than A, so when I said that, A seemed to close. 
A is a person who can be seen, but he seems to have no acquaintances such as psychics, only by avoiding dangerous things by experience. 
“… And B won’t lend you either … If you take B himself to a place where you’re going to get rid of him, you might first rub him with B …” 
On the other hand, if the ring is spiritually dangerous, I could imagine that it was B, so it was interesting and I could carry it with me. 
“… Well, B is okay because he has that?” 
I said, but A said with a complicated face, “Hmm … I mean … a little …”, and that was the end of the conversation. 
The next day, A was injured in an accident at the university. 
A, who was taken to the university’s health care center by cutting it with some glass that had been thrown away, left his luggage in the nearest lecture room to the same department member who was with him at that time. He said he would go get it later. 
So, after the accident, I came across him and talked to him. 
Isn’t it a bad idea to leave your wallet or valuables alone? So I decided to take care of it. 
When I went to the lecture room, there was nobody and A’s bag was popping on the chair. 
I knew it, but it wasn’t good for other guys, and I was rude and tried to open up and see what my name was. 
In the pocket of my wallet, I saw a ring in a small plastic bag. 
It’s just like B was showing off to everyone the day before. 
Eh, why? Is this the B ring? Why A? I thought, but 
Maybe I just bought the same thing, maybe A took the plunge 
I thought that I might have intended to borrow it without permission and bring it to the shrine, so I checked the driver’s license in my wallet and tried to leave the room with my bag, but I heard a voice from behind. .. 
When I turned around, there was a grayish cat near the window sill. 
Nyaa, I noticed a little while after the cat that screamed again came down from the window. 
…… Didn’t you stay there a while ago? Cat. So here is the 4th floor, right? Was there a tree branch outside? 
When I hurriedly put down my bag and ran up to the window, there was nothing outside the window. 
No tree branches overhang, no cats anywhere outside the building, and of course they don’t fall and die. 
…… Is it a mon who can jump down and escape on the 4th floor? Thinking about it, I went back and held A’s bag in my hand and was astonished. 
There was a flashy laceration on her bag that had never been seen before. 
When I got a screaming “Nya” at my feet again, I finally realized the fact that the ring that A was always concerned about was in my bag. 
The sound continued to go to the place where my spine became cold, and then “Nya”. 
Looking down, my shoe strap was torn in several places at the knot. Of course there are no cats. 
Meow. Meow. Meow. 
The voice, which can be heard at a fairly close distance, is becoming more and more unpleasant. 
The crying wandering around me, who began to sweat cold, was overlaid with a softly dark human voice. 
“… I’m dead. I wish I had died “
It was a strange voice that seemed to echo. 
I was stiff, and I hurriedly put out my cell phone and made a quick call. 
While the ringing tone was ringing, a cat that couldn’t be seen at my feet was ringing. 
My shoes and bags made a crunchy noise, and when I glanced down, I felt that there were some scratches on the floor. 
The phone was connected at the same time as the shock struck and the ankle hurts. 
“Hello, hello? 』
“B !? That’s me, but did you hear about A?” 
Thankfully, B was on campus. He hurriedly explained A’s injury and asked him to keep his luggage, and B agreed. 
When I hung up, I took A’s bag and dashed to the place where I met B. 
The voice of a woman who muttered “I’m dead” or “I should die” continued, mixed with the cat’s bark that I could hear endlessly from my feet. 
 As I left the building, I felt like I was passing between my legs, and my legs were tangled and I slammed into the bicycle that had been stopped. 
“Wow, you !? Are you okay?” 
From the vending machine I was meeting with, B rushed in, saying loudly. 
“I’m your hands! And your feet are bleeding!” 
B made a noise and helped me, brought me some luggage, and when I noticed, I couldn’t hear the cat’s voice or the strange woman’s voice.
 However, when I checked it later, the wound on my leg was not cut with the metal fittings of the bicycle, but was scratched with my nails. 
A’s injury wasn’t too bad, and the ring in A’s bag was borrowed by A from B. 
He said he wanted something similar, so he borrowed it because he wanted to show it at the store and say “I want to say this” but want to use it as a sample. 
However, when I talked about leaving the bag to B, A just said “… oh, yes” and didn’t explain anything about the voices of cats and women. 
…… I remember this story now because there was a recent incident when A visited B’s house. 
Listening to the story of Room B, the story of the white costume and the shrine, 
“Those in B only protect B, not exterminate evil spirits. 
Even if the people around me receive it or are cursed, if B is safe, he will not do anything. “
It was this one that suddenly became anxious when I learned that. 
I have talked to B about the ring after this. 
B then put on the ring returned by A. 
“A wanted the same thing, but I couldn’t find it. That’s why E chose to buy it from a relative’s child.” 
The girl who chose her ring for E died while she was in school. 
It was certainly shortly after this incident that E said he was at the funeral. 
At that time, I thought it was irrelevant because I was alive when I heard the woman’s voice. 
I intended to get rid of that case because the ring returned to B and nothing happened to B. 
 But when I think about it now, I’m really curious, so I asked A again the other day. 
A was very confused, but he seemed to have a hard time keeping silent, and when he listened persistently, he told me at the end. 
It was Kuro. 
“… I think I liked that relative’s child, E. I don’t know where I found the way to curse, but I think B hated him enough to actually kill the cat and curse him in earnest. “
What I heard was the voice of the child. She muttered to the woman who received her ring from E, she was dead, and I wondered if she was the voice when she killed the cat. 
And what A was worried about wasn’t that B was cursed. 
Having a fairly accurate grasp of the nature of what was in B, A was concerned about the “return” of the curse that was done by killing and shaping the animal. 
“… I wasn’t seriously injured, right? I don’t think the curse itself had the power to kill people.” 
Because there was that in B. 
She thinks she “accelerates” when she hits straight back with B as the target … 
 A said nothing else. 
Perhaps A at the time was thinking of taking the ring somewhere to a psychic and having him remove the curse. 
To be honest, after talking to A, I’m a little confused because I can’t organize my feelings. 
If I hadn’t called B and handed A’s bag, wouldn’t E’s relative’s child die? 
When I told B that I had left A’s bag, I don’t know if A didn’t try to get it back because he thought it was too late or he was injured and scared. 
Either way, it’s been years ago. 
 B isn’t bad at all. He was just happy with the ring he usually got from his boyfriend. 
It’s a little rough, but he’s a good boy, and he’s willing to lend a ring to A, who said he would lend it to look for the same thing. 
But I don’t want to think I’m bad either. 
I can’t help feeling that A and I were just involved. 
At the same time, the girl who killed and cursed the cat is certainly horrifying, but I can’t help but think that if her opponent wasn’t B, it wouldn’t have been dead. 
For the first time, I felt that A had a complicated face and repeatedly said, “I can’t do anything.” 
I’m sorry to let you spit it out.



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