Parasite Fusion

There was something terrible in August, so I summarized it. 
Below, there are some places where Tsuji is suspicious because it includes fake, but please. 
I was contacted by a boy C, a fellow college student who wrote when he talked about the first well. 
I don’t know if B has recently had time or missed it, 
He contacted his old friend from time to time and C also talked on the phone. 
 …… So. 
He talked to B, remembered one of the old wells, and talked about it at work. 
Then I was called by a girl at work and was called by a man who was acquainted with that girl (in her late 20s, the same age as us) 
I met you. To summarize his requirements, 
“I have an acquaintance who is possessed by dangerous things, neither the priest, the priest, nor the psychic, 
I want to get the help of Mr. B. I want you to contact me, please tell me in detail. “
C knows only one well, that is, he only remembers being protected by B’s “sole”. 
Feel free to accept it, and he recommended me and A if there were other people who knew well. 
 I and A talked and they both met C and his man (let’s say H). 
I will explain all about the ring, white kimono, and B’s house, and what about B is also for B himself. 
Other humans can’t control it, and evil spirits and curses just “bounce” and don’t get rid of them. 
I told him to stop because it would cause damage to his surroundings. 
Apparently H seems to be a “Mieru Hito”, and when A shows a picture of B (childhood with white kimono), 
The expression was instantly settled. 
“……… It’s amazing, this. Is this child really alive? Is it still? This Nani, Yamagami-sama? 
Is it okay to be targeted like this? If this is the case, I may be able to go seriously. “
H seems to be serious, so for the time being we tell him to stop, 
He constantly asked about “that” attached to B. 
A hesitated, but seemed to want to hear the opinions of other “Mieru Hito”. 
He gave a brief explanation. 
I can’t see many words that I don’t understand well, 
“How hard is it? It looks like it’s going to be bakin.” 
“No, it’s cold or it’s threaded (? Is it out of place?). 
Just like this, just horrifying, why is it there? I have a strange impression like that. “
“Well, really? Then it feels like you’re rubbing it?” 
“No, I can’t do it without erosion.” 
After such an incomprehensible exchange, H 
“… I have no idea at all,” he twisted his neck. 
After that, once again, I and A reminded me that I should really stop and opened it. 
 …… A few days later, on Saturday, A called me. 
He said that B would come because he would meet C from now on. 
There is a house that “goes out”, so if you like, C tells you to talk to A and me. 
He called A. 
When I leave the house, join A and go to the meeting place designated as B, 
H was waiting there by car. 
While H grinned,
“It’s bad. B and C will come later, so get on.” 
I explained it in the car. 
…… This guy asked C to contact B and promised. 
“When I asked if my acquaintance’s house would come out, I got two replies. He’s a good husband, 
“Are you trying your best with your old friends? “Okay, stretch your wings.” He said he was taking care of the child. 
I don’t have much time so I have to hurry. “
 H’s destination was a huge mansion surrounded by walls in a high-class residential area, but when the car stopped 
The A next to me was rigid and deep blue. 
“It’s bad. It’s okay, we’re outsiders, and we have to get in and out.” 
A, who was urged by H and reluctantly descended, looked up at the mansion and looked up at H with a tense face. 
“… Seriously?” 
“Well …. my wife is my mother’s childhood friend. My son is completely 
I’m crazy. “
“What are you talking about? If that person is saved, it just spreads around.” 
“I also thought about it …. Should I push it into a place where I can’t get out? 
Thoroughly until you win or lose. “
The door opened while the two were talking, and a middle-aged aunt came out. 
Invited us. 
 …… Please, when I saw the man in the room where I was passed, I suddenly became rigid. 
The profile that stood facing the wall turned white and looked up at the ceiling, and the edge of his lips rose slightly.
It looks like it’s grinning, and it looks like it’s broken.
I can’t say it well, but I’m really scared of its eyes. 
I think he believed if he was told that this was actually a demon that appeared in my house. 
I also pulled it, but A was already deep blue. 
“… Where was it originally?” 
When A listens, H laughs with a slightly tired face and 
“That’s the worst thing … I don’t know, I picked it up when I realized it.” 
When I asked them later, the one about their son (let’s call it I) was 
It was like a fusion of multiple human spirits with grudges as a jumpsuit. 
From the appearance, I understand that I have been possessed by things rather than creatures for a long time. 
Whether it’s the main body or depending on it, there must have been something that was before I possessed it. 
It seems to be a clue or a foundation when exorcising. 
However, I didn’t have a clue to remove the ghost because I didn’t know where it was attached. 
He was told by a psychic that it was impossible. 
When A heard H’s answer, he looked even more frightened. 
“… Is this person okay? Is there something wrong?” 
“… Ah. I’ve been on the verge. I wonder. For now, just before 
The person who came is holding him down with a twist (?) On his body. “
In the middle of such a scary conversation, I heard the sound of a car from the outside. 
C came with B, but he said it was ok or scary, 
B was already sleeping soundly in the car. 
 H took B from C, took it to the back room, laid it on the floor and covered it with a blanket. 
Later, I was brought by his wife, and B in a deep sleep and I with empty eyes 
Leaving, we left the room. 
 …… Thinking about it, I put a sleeping married woman and a funny man in a room. 
It’s a ridiculous story. 
For some reason, at that time, H had no hesitation and a fluffy attitude. 
As a matter of course, I had the idea that B was safe no matter what, so 
I just obeyed it. 
 When I closed the door, H put his back on the door and sat cross-legged in the hallway. 
A clings to me, and my wife quickly returns to the corridor and retracts for a while. 
A terrible destructive sound echoed from inside the room. 
It was mixed with the roaring sound that the walls or pillars might have been destroyed. 
The sound of gashan, palin and glass or bowl breaking. 
I was scared, and H pressed his back against the swaying door and sat down. 
It didn’t work. 
C may have been told by H, and while he seemed uncomfortable, he seemed to be in a hurry. 
 How long has passed, no one keeps waiting, and finally the sound inside is quiet 
When it’s getting sparse. 
The door rattles like someone shaking from the inside, 
I heard a sharp, rushing and imminent man’s voice. 
“Hey, help me! Please, help me! Open it, fast! Fast! 
Open here yeah yeah! !! “
A raises his face and turns to H, 
“Hey, isn’t it okay? Let’s open it up.” 
At this point, I was surprised and said, “Hey, the person (I) from earlier, did you return to your sanity?” 
With words, H glared at us and said, “Not yet.” 
 Then, more time passed, and there was no sound from inside, and finally H 
He stood up and opened the door. 
The inside was exactly the same as when H laid B down and put in I. 
Nothing was broken or moved, just B was sleeping in the middle of the room in a big letter. 
There is no trace of what can be inferred to have made that destructive noise. 
Then H rushed to I, who was crouching and trembling in the corner of the room. 
“Hey, I. Do you understand me?” 
“Ah … H? H !!” 
When the eyes focus, I looks distraught, but much more decent than when he first met. 
I grabbed H. 
“H, there was a monster! Really, a monster attacked me and killed me.” 
“… Hoi Hoi” 
With some reassurance, H struck pompoms and I’s shoulders and calmed down. 
At that time, I could see that A, who was next to me, was tilted. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I took you to the living room. Coco is spicy, isn’t it?” 
Said. I finally noticed while carrying A with C and returning to the corridor. 
 The voice of I who was talking to H earlier. 
It was a completely different voice from what I heard from inside the room before the destructive sound stopped. 
…… After that, A wakes up and becomes able to move, and after moving the sleeping B to A’s house 
He called her husband B and A handed over B. 
I don’t want to be suspected strangely, so all the guys, I, H, and C, left their seats. 
Husband B took over his wife who was sleeping without any doubt. 
“Ah, again? Excuse me. You may know, 
Is it a sleep disorder? Sometimes I suddenly fell asleep and couldn’t wake up. 
I heard from this mother that she used to do it when she was little, but 
It hasn’t happened once a year since I got married, and it’s normal to have an examination at the hospital. 
I don’t remember him, but I always stop gas and other dangerous things before going to bed. 
It doesn’t happen while I’m with my child, and it doesn’t matter if I fall down. 
I don’t care. 
I’m sorry to bother you. Thank you for contacting me “
 A says. 
“… I think gas and fire are absolutely okay. Even if B doesn’t stop, 
I’m sure it will do something about it. It’s surprising that there is no baby. 
After B had a child, I went to dangerous places and bought dangerous things 
I wonder if it’s gone

H says. 
“As expected, Mr. B’s subconscious mind refuses to sleep soundly if he leaves the red dragonfly, right? 
I don’t think it has anything to do with Mr. B’s consciousness. 
I don’t think I’ll lie down unless I bite into the unconscious part. 
There is a reason why I have to be Mr. B. 
It’s an inconvenient situation that you can’t fight in full unless you leave the red dragonfly or have your family together. 
If you just borrow it, I’ll change the shoba. “
I asked the two “visible people” about the voice I heard from inside the room at that time. 
This is a perfect match for both of them. 
“One of the fused human spirits has regained its ego on the verge of extinction.” 
That’s right. 
In that room, H used all the available stories, connections, and knowledge in advance, and asked as many people as he could. 
It was closed spiritually many times. 
In that cage, there are things about B and things about I. 
Just being with each other will put them in close proximity to each other, 
It seems that a fierce battle that is hard to describe was fought. 
The result was again B’s victory. 
 …… I was screaming for help and opening. 
In a cage with no escape, while fighting against B’s Are, the fear of death for the second time 
It was the spirit of someone who was tasting it. 
 It was a shock. 
The voice was incredibly real, non-living and without vocal cords. 
And A collapsed because he saw the “blood-stained murder scene” spiritually and figuratively. 
Neither of them answered the question of what happened to the spirits. 
I don’t want to think either. B’s thing isn’t the one who pays for it and it’s a pure spirit. 
Because I already know. 
This is the end of the story. 
B woke up the next morning and made her breakfast and her husband’s lunch with her humming. 
I heard that I go to a psychiatrist, but I can talk differently than before 
It seems that I mother was very pleased that her therapeutic effect would come out properly. 
Incidentally, C doesn’t know what H has told him, but he doesn’t know much about B anymore. 
She said she didn’t want to get in touch. 
 Finally, that “fused multiple human spirits” is the most disgusting part of this story. 
“Maybe more than half a century ago, but less than 100 years ago.” 
“Everyone had their nails peeled off,” he said. 
Neither A nor H explained any further, 
I don’t want to hear it either. 
No matter where or what you see, it will only make you sick.



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