Resort part-time job

This is the story when I was in my third year of college.
Summer vacation is just around the corner, and I made a plan to go on a trip to the sea with five college colleagues.
At the planning stage, one of my friends told me that I wouldn’t work at sea anyway.
I didn’t have any plans for summer vacation either, so I gave two replies.
Two of them seemed to have a seminar camp, so the part-time job was NG.
After all, 3 out of 5 people decided to work part-time at sea, and the remaining 2 people work as a trip
I was told that I should come to stay at the inn.
So, first of all, in order to find the important working place, we decided to divide by three people and search for various things.
I was looking for it on the net, but I was looking for a lot, so there were many letters saying that friends were welcome.
From there, we chose one inn.  Of course, near the sea, which is said to be a famous spot for Nampa. It doesn’t get wet there.
I applied for a part-time job over the phone, but the story went on and on,
There was also an offer to join a friend for about two days on the way.
“I’ll have you work that much.”
It was decided without difficulty by the word of the landlady.
The plan was roughly decided, and we got excited and went straight to Kenko Land for some reason.
After that, I gathered at my friend’s apartment and had a detailed discussion about what to do when the pick-up was successful, with the face of Tsurupikkan after taking a bath.
And the day has come when three of my friends (including myself) leave for the inn.
It was my first resort part-time job, and I was very excited about my tension and expectations.

 When I arrived at the inn, it was a fairly large two-story inn.
In a nutshell, it’s a countryside bachanchi.
Although it says XX inn, it was a guest house. The XX villa is more comfortable.

 When I called out from the entrance, a young girl greeted me with a smile.
I’m so excited here.

 It was explained that there are 4 guest rooms, 1 hall for everyone to eat, and 2 rooms for employees to live in, for a total of 7 rooms. It was.
After waiting for a while, a young girl brought me barley tea.
She was named “Misaki-chan” and was a girl who grew up near here.
The landlady’s “Makiko-san” came in with it.
A great person with a good range and a loud laughter. I would have fallen in love if I was a little younger.
There was also a husband, and a total of 6 people decided to manage this inn.

After introducing myself to some extent, the proprietress said.
“The guest rooms are on the left and right, hitting the corridor on the right.
The room where you sleep is at the end of the corridor on the left.
After that, I will explain after putting the luggage, so please take your time.  She suddenly heard that her friend wondered. (I will call my friends A and B)

A “Isn’t it the second floor? What is a guest room?”
Then the landlady replied with a smile.
“No. I’m not using the second floor right now.”
Isn’t it the season for us yet? I didn’t pay particular attention to it.
I wondered if it would be released soon.

About the room When I unload my luggage and look at the view from the room,
I’m really at ease. It may be difficult to work part-time from now on, but
I thought it would be great if I could spend a summer in such a nice place.
I was expecting a summer abanchuru. Then our part-time job began.

There were a lot of difficult things, but I didn’t have any trouble because they were all good people.
After all, the workplace is a human relationship.

After a week, one of my friends said:
A “Hey, we found a good part-time job.”
B “Oh, and I have a lot of money”

While my two friends are talking, I also
I said, “That’s right. But it’s the season soon? Don’t get busy.”
 A “By the way, will the second floor be open when the season comes?”
B “Isn’t it? Isn’t the landlady living on the second floor?”
Me and A
A: I say, “Well, is that so?”
B “I don’t know, but recently, the landlady, do you often bring food upstairs?”
, a friend said.
A “I don’t know”
I don’t know
B is in charge of sweeping in front of the entrance in the evening, so you can see the landlady going upstairs
It is said that it is often seen.
The landlady puts rice on the tray, and she seems to disappear on the stairs leading to the second floor.
We heard that story,
I didn’t feel any discomfort.

One day, a few days later, I was cleaning the corridor as usual.
I saw it. The landlady who secretly comes out of the guest room.
The landlady basically doesn’t clean the room. Misaki-chan does all that.
So maybe it was more suspicious.

At first, I doubted my eyes, but after all I was a landlady, and I did what I did all day
I was holding it, and after all I couldn’t keep silent and talked to my friends.

Then A said,
A “That, I’ve seen it too”
I “Hey, really? Why didn’t you say it?”

B “That’s not me”
I “Shut up”
A “I thought I had something to do, and I doubted that I didn’t like it.”
I “certainly”
<p> At that time, we had a part-time job for almost a month.
The three of us talked about whether to pretend to be a look.
Then B is
“Then, you should put it behind the landlady.”
I made a suggestion.
A “What is it? You can think about it realistically in this small inn.”
B “Mane”
I “Why did you say that?”
AB I “…”
Even if I think about it with three people, it didn’t make sense.
The other two will be here next week, and if nothing happens
I thought it would be fun.
But we are men. Is it a trio? I was a little adventurous and said, “If you see something suspicious, report it.”
I slept quietly that night

Then, the next night, B deliberately convened us in the same room.
I don’t want you to come! !! I thought, but reluctantly gathered under B.

B “I, the landlady often went upstairs? Well, I saw it till the end.
I’ve always seen the landlady only go up the stairs, but she did yesterday until she came out.
I was waiting. “
B “Then, I got off in about 5 minutes.”
A “So what?”
B “The landlady is always eating with us? Even so, it means that you can put rice on the tray and go upstairs.
Does that mean someone lives above?
I “Well, that’s right …”
B “But we haven’t seen such a person, and we haven’t even heard of it.”
A “It’s certainly suspicious, but there is also a line of being sick.”
B “Well, I thought that too. But it’s fine to finish the meal in 5 minutes, isn’t it?” A “I don’t think you should decide there”  B “But aren’t you suspicious? You guys have reported suspicious things?
So I reported it. “

I and A were frustrated because I was a little good at the ending, but I left it there
I thought it was a little creepy.
“What’s on the second floor?”
Everyone was full of such feelings.
The next day, I finished my usual work early and A and I gathered at the front door where B was.
And I waited for the landlady to come out.  After a while, the proprietress came out with rice on the tray, and when she opened the door of the stairs going upstairs,
She disappeared into the back. To explain here, the stairs leading to the second floor are outside the entrance.
We couldn’t see the stairs going from the room on the first floor to the second floor.
When you go out the entrance and go along the wall and turn the corner, there is a door on the wall.
When you open it, there are stairs. I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand.
The landlady who disappeared there for the time being, as B said, she came back after about 5 minutes.
The rice on the tray was empty. And I went upstairs without noticing us.

B “What? It’s fast?”
I “Oh, it’s definitely fast”
A “What’s up? Above”
B “I don’t know. Are you going to see it?”
A “I’m a little scared right now?”

B “I am too?”
I “let’s go for the time being”
That said, the three of us went in front of the door of the stairs leading upstairs.
A “Isn’t the key closed?”
Despite A’s worries, when I turned the doorknob, it opened smoothly.
When the door opens a few centimeters and you can barely see the inside from the position B on the far left
B “Uh”

B distorted his face and pinched his nose with his hands.
A “What did you do?”
B “Doesn’t it smell?”
I and A didn’t know anything, but B was reacting violently to the smell.
A “Are you fooling around?”
A is scared, so he seems to be angry with B’s movement, but B is very serious.  B “No, really. Doesn’t it smell? You can tell by opening the door more.”
I never opened the door at once.
The warm air overflowed from the inside, and at the same time, dust fluttered.
I “smell this dust?”
B “That? It doesn’t smell anymore”
A “Don’t be foolish at such times. I’ll definitely leave you if something happens. I’ve decided now.”
Jumping A curses.
B “No, I’m sorry. But I really smelled it. It smells like kitchen waste.”
A “It’s okay. It’s because of my mind.”
I noticed that I was on the side of those two people.
The corridor is very narrow.
It was enough for one person to pass.
And I can’t find anything that looks like electricity. You can barely see the end of the stairs in the outside light.
At the end there was another door.
I “I’m alone when it comes to climbing”
A “No, no, don’t go up”
B “Don’t you go up?”
A “If you want to go up, go to you. I won’t go”
B “I’m a murderer”
A hits B.
I “I don’t think I’ll go after all. Well, I’ll go”
AB “Seriously?”
I “I’m the type who can’t sleep if I’m worried. The type who can’t sleep and comes alone in the middle of the night.
It’s a completely dead flag, right? So let’s go now.
I didn’t understand why, but considering my curiosity, at this time when A and B are now
I thought it was better to check.
But I was as scared as my curiosity. I decided to go alone for the time being, but in the event of an emergency, I would never run away (leaving me),
It was a story that told me first.
However, when nothing happens, don’t suddenly yell.
If he did, he said he couldn’t guarantee his life. It’s mine.
Then I’m going up the stairs with solo solo.
Inside the stairs, the light from the outside came in and it felt dim.
I carefully started climbing the stairs step by step, but from the middle,
“Paki … Paki”
Began to make a noise.
Thinking about something, I was scared and looked back and confirmed the two.
Did they not notice the sound?
Look at this and raise your thumb.
With the meaning of “no abnormality”.
I nodded slightly and turned to the second floor again.
I thought it was a floor ringing phenomenon that is common in old houses.
When the light from the lower entrance does not reach much, the balance between curiosity and fear becomes doubtful.
I felt like running away.
If you squint in the dark, something might be standing in front of the door at the end.
Such “possible thoughts” have begun to show their true potential.

“Paki Paki Paki …”
This sound became more and more intense, and I felt like I was stepping on something.
Is it a bug? I thought. My spine was throbbing.
But something didn’t seem to be moving, it was dark and I couldn’t confirm it.
I don’t know how many times I looked back, but maybe the two people below from the middle are backlit.
It came to look like a dim shadow. However, my thumb was standing firmly.
And when I finally reached the end, a strong offensive odor pierced my nose.
I had exactly the same reaction as B.
I’m “Uh”
It smells strange. It felt like a mixture of kitchen waste and the smell of sewage.
(What? What is it?)
Thinking so, I look around.
At that time, what jumped into my eyes was at the corner of the landing
It was a large amount of rice.
That’s exactly what caused the offensive odor, and I wondered why I didn’t notice it.
The fly was flying.
And I discover that there is another thing in the frenzy.
At the end of the door on the 2nd floor, there are countless nails that look like plywood.
A lot of bills were stuck on it.
In addition, a long and narrow rope was wrapped around the nail that was struck, making it look like a spider web.
I honestly saw the bill for the first time.
So I’m not sure it was a bill, but I don’t think it’s a lot of stickers.
<p> Obviously, the atmosphere was full of confinement.
For the first time, I thought I was wrong.
“Let’s go home”
When I thought so and tried to return my heels, suddenly from behind
“Gripping Gripping Gripping Gripping Gripping Gripping Gripping Gripping”

I heard a noise.
It sounded like something was scratching on the other side of the door.
And then
I heard irregular breath sounds.
At this time, I thought that my heart would really stop.

(Who is there? Who? Who?) ← In my heart
At that time, I think I was far from acting as a supporting character in a horror movie.
You can just go without looking behind, but you can’t really do that.
I don’t have the courage to go on, I don’t have the courage to look back.
I could only stand there and shrug.
Only the eyeballs were moving around, and my back was shocked by the cold sweat.
In the meantime
“Gripping Gripping”
The sound continued, and I desperately tried to move my legs, which had become tense and stiff.
Then the sound I heard from behind stopped for a moment and became thin.
It was really a moment. I didn’t even blink.
Immediately, I heard “Bang!”
It started with “Gripping Gripping”.
I couldn’t believe it, but I heard it right above my head and behind the ceiling.
It should have been ringing on the other side of the door until a while ago, but it moved overhead in an instant.
My legs started shaking and I thought I couldn’t do anything anymore.
 In my heart, I shouted for help many times.
In the meantime, I saw something moving in one corner of my field of vision, though this was also a moment.
At that time, I was afraid of everything that moved, and I hesitated to see it or not.
When I looked at it, it was A and B.
I’m beckoning while shouting something from below.
Then I finally heard the voices of A and B.
A “Hey! Get off early !!”
B “Are you okay?”
At this moment, my body became free at once, and when I returned to myself, I ran down the stairs at a glance.
I asked them later, but I kept my eyes closed at this time.
It seems that he came down with tremendous momentum while pulling out one step.

I ran down and just wanted to go to a safe place, so I just passed by A and B
It seems that he ran into the room. I don’t remember much about this area.
Maybe it’s because it’s filled with horror memories.
After a while after returning to the room, A and B came back.
A “Hey, are you okay?”
B “What happened? What happened there?”
I couldn’t answer. Or rather, those sounds remained in my ears, and I was scared to remember them.
Then A was cautious and asked:
A “What did you eat above?”
I didn’t understand the meaning of the question and asked again.
Then A said something out of the ordinary.
A “You crouched down right away? I was wondering what I was doing with B.
I was desperately eating something. Or rather, I packed it in my mouth.
B “Yeah … and that …”
A and B look at my chest together.
When I looked at my chest, I found a lot of filth stuck to it.
From there, the rotten smell of food spilled over, and I rushed into the bathroom at a glance and spit out all the contents of my stomach.
I didn’t know what was happening.
I remember going up and vividly remember that horrifying experience.
I’ve never crouched down, let alone the rotten leftovers.
But it’s true that my clothes have rotten leftovers stuck to them, and if you look closely, you can see them in your hands.
There was evidence that he grabbed it.
I almost went crazy.
A and B who came to see me worried about me
A “Can you tell me what happened? You’re a little unusual.”
I’m about to lose my fear, but I think it’s a little better than holding it alone.
I talked about each of my experiences at the end of the stairs.
A and B listened to the story seriously, nodding many times.
Even if the appearance of me that they saw and the story that I experienced are completely different,
He listened to me till the end. With that alone, I felt relieved and almost cried.
When I was a little relieved, I noticed that my legs were tingling.
what? When I thought about it, there were a lot of small cuts on the soles and knees.
Mysteriously, when I squint, I see something like a small piece of plastic
I noticed that it was attached in places.
There were red ones and white ones with a little blackness.
When I see it seriously,
B “What’s that?”
However, B picked up the fragment and looked at it.
I said “hi” and threw it on the floor.
A and I also get scared by the movement.
A “What is it?”
B “Take a closer look”
A “What is it? Say it’s scary!”
B “Isn’t it a nail?”
At the moment, all three were completely solidified.
AB I “…”
At that time, I was calmly recalling the sound I had just before, beside a terrible horror.
(Oh, that sound was scratching with my nails …)
I don’t know why I thought so.
But in retrospect, it doesn’t mean that you can’t connect.
Isn’t it because of the claws scattered on the floor, the sound of “cracking” that was heard when climbing the stairs, and the feeling of stepping on something? What?
And isn’t that claw something desperately scratching from the other side of the wall? What?
I’m sure, when I knelt down and ate leftover food, when I ran down the stairs because of fear,
I think I was injured because of the nail fragments scattered on the floor.
But I don’t care about that anymore.  What was certain was that I couldn’t stay here anymore.
I told A and B.
I “I can’t work like this”
A “I know”
B “I thought so too”
I “let’s tell the landlady tomorrow”
A “Are you going to say it?”
I “I can’t help it. It’s true that I was taken care of, and I have to apologize.”
B “But this is the number one suspicious landlady?
I don’t want to see what you look like if you say you went there. “
I’m stupid. I can’t say it. I’ll quit normally. “
A “Yeah, that’s better”
That’s why we packed up our luggage that night,
I’m sorry I’m a man, but I’m so scared that
I put two futons together and forcibly slept there with three people.
I slept close to him like I was aiming for.
No one was able to take a nap.
Then tomorrow will come.

The next day, the morning came with almost no one speaking.
In the silence, the alarm on my cell phone suddenly rang.
It was always time for us to get up. I heard that B’s body became bikun and he was quite scared.
B has a very gentle root, so I told me the night before.
B “I’m sorry. I thought you were scarier than me.
Even so, I’m sorry I’m like this. I’m really sorry I didn’t go to help.
I was really happy with that alone and my eyes got hot.

But when you think about it, what do you think “I’m scarier than me”?
I was the one who actually experienced the horror, and I could only see A and B from below.
Maybe that? Did you miss the appearance of running down my stairs?
Thinking normally, did my experience be scary?
After thinking for a moment, I thought that I was usually swallowed by fear and became too sensitive to the other person’s words.
Because of this time, I wanted to go home early and spend the rest of the summer vacation happily and slowly.
I tried to think only about that.
However, B’s frightening after that was not odd.
Reacting to each of the sounds we make, staring at the wounds on my feet,
Apparently something was wrong.

A also saw B, which is different from usual, and was a little scared but worried,
A “Hey, are you okay? Are you crazy because you’re not sleeping?”
I grabbed B’s shoulder while asking.
Then B suddenly
B “Noisy !!”
And shook her A’s arm with great force.
A and I were silent for a moment.
I “Hey, what’s wrong?”
A was surprised at the sudden event and couldn’t make a voice.
B “Is it okay? Isn’t it okay?
I thought that both I and ○○ (my name) would die.
Don’t pretend to be worried even though you don’t understand anything! !!
I screamed while glaring at A.
I wondered what I was saying.
What do you think B will die? Wasn’t he scared to hear my story?
A and B were especially close to each other, but the relationship was like A playing with B.
B wasn’t angry at any pranks and was in tune with her.
So I haven’t seen a scene where B makes a loud voice to A, and of course I think that the person in question A didn’t have such an experience either.
A was so crazy that I had never seen this.
I asked B what I was wondering about.
I “What do you think you’re going to die? You’ve been down all the time?”
B “I was there. I saw it from below”
And after a little silence, he turned down and said.
B I’m still watching …”
I “…”
I don’t understand.
I don’t know at all, but in a common story, I thought B was crazy.
I was obsessed with something.
Despite such thoughts, B began to speak firmly, with a quivering tone.

B “At that time, I was down, but I was watching it all the time.”
I “I’m going up, right?”
B “No … no, that was the case at the beginning.
I could see it when you climbed the stairs. “
I “… yeah”
Actually, at this time, most of my heart was not wanting to hear.
But B looked like he was looking at himself the day before, with the expression that he couldn’t hold him anymore.
At that time, A and B who listened to my story properly until the end, considering how much I was saved by that,
It seemed like I had a duty to ask.
I “What did you see?”
B “…”
B shut up again and said as if he was prepared.
B “I think it’s a shadow …”
I “shadow?”
B “Yeah. At first I thought it was your shadow.
But while you crouched down and ate leftover food, the shadows were moving all the time.
I could see your shadows getting smaller, and their shadows were at my feet.
B “So there are other shadows that move around …”
B “There were three … no, there were about four.”
I felt goose bumps all over my body.
Please, I thought this was B’s joke.
However, B in front of me didn’t seem to be joking, though not very much.
Rather, she was so serious that she would hit her as soon as she said the word joke.
I “I was the only one over there”
B “I know”
I “In the first place, there should be 4 or 5 people in that space and can’t move around”
That staircase was a space that one person could pass through.
B “That’s not a person. You know that much.”
I “…”
B “And no matter how you think about it, it’s impossible for a person”
B said that he was sick.
I “What do you mean?”
B “Everything stuck to the wall”

I “What?”
B “Like a spider, everything stuck to the side or top of the wall.
So it’s moving, so … “
Maybe I remembered the scene I saw, B’s breathing became rough.
I “calm down! Take a deep breath. Isn’t it okay? Everyone is there.”
B was excited for a while, but regained her composure and started talking again.  B “That is not a person. No, I am not a person from the beginning, but the shape is not a person.
No, it looks like a person, but it’s different. “
I somehow understood what B wanted to say,
I said, “Is something in the shape of a human stuck to the wall?”
I heard.
B silently nodded.
My heart beats so hard that it almost pops out of my mouth.
Immediately, I thought that what B saw was not a shadow.
It is unnatural for shadows to move around the ceiling next to and above.
Even if it was a shadow, it was definitely because something was there.
I can understand that much even if I’m stupid.
means that I don’t notice anything crawling around me, and I eat rotten leftovers
Did you mean you were eating with Morimori?
What is that sound …?
The rattling noise of the wall isn’t from the other side of the wall or door.
Did it ring right next to me?
Is that breathing sound too?
I was so scared that my head was fluttering.
Whether or not he knew what I was doing, B turned to A, who was standing beside him.
B “Sorry, I was upset a while ago. It was bad.”

A “No, I’m sorry … I’m sorry”
A also apologized immediately.
It was kind of awkward after that, but I was desperate to stay calm.
I repeated deep breathing meaninglessly.
Meanwhile, A opened his mouth.
A “You were still watching,”
B replied before A finished saying.

B “Oh, I’m sorry. That was a little confusing. Haha.
I’m sorry, it’s okay now “
Such B’s smile was completely a smirk.
With an apparently unreasonable smile, his eyes seemed to be looking at something different.
It doesn’t matter, but what impressed me at this time was that B’s eyes were tingling.
Isn’t it common for one in such a few people?
However, thereare quite a few things that come under the eyes of people who laugh forcibly.
Returning to the story, A and I didn’t hear any more.
It can’t be helped if you think you’re a coward. But I was scared and couldn’t hear it.
Think for a moment, B who talked so far dares to hide something.
It’s absolutely impossible. If you ask, my heart will shatter.
That’s what makes me crazy.
After a little silence, Misaki called us from the hall saying it was time for breakfast.
It seems that a good amount of time had passed while the three of us were talking.
Honestly, there should be no appetite.
But I didn’t want to be suspicious and thought I had to go.
I stood up quietly and said to them.
I “It’s better to be as early as possible. Let’s say when I finish eating breakfast”
A “That’s right”

B “I don’t like rice. A, did you bring your laptop? Can you lend me a little?”
A “Good, but eat breakfast”
B “I have something I want to find out. I don’t have much time, and I’m sorry, but we’re together.”
I “OK. I’ll ask Misaki-chan to make rice balls.”
B “Yeah, thank you”
A “The computer is in my bag. You can use it without permission. You can connect to the internet.”
With that said, we went straight to the hall.
When I think about it later, how about eating breakfast on the day I quit?
If someone else was doing it, I would definitely rush it and we ate it normally.
When I arrived at the hall, the landlady looked at us, looked at my feet, and asked with a big smile.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?”
Such words have been since the first day, and yesterday, so it was really creepy.

I was scared, but I became upright and immovable, but A
A “Yes. I’m sorry I’m late.”
I banged my ass while replying.
My body moved quickly.
To be honest, I was surprised because I didn’t think that A, who was always scared more than anyone else, would send me a rescue boat.
And B told me that he was still sleeping in the room because he was ill and asked Misaki to make rice balls.
“Oh, that’s fine. B-kun, you should sleep today.”
Misaki-chan worriedly said so.
A and I took a seat without saying anything.
I can’t say “I’m quitting now”.
While eating breakfast, the landlady looked at me with a smile all the time.
The chopsticks are completely stopped. It’s like “I sometimes eat”.
Maybe Misaki and her husband noticed the strange sight, glancing at me and the landlady.
Needless to say, A is coagulated.
We were so sick that we cut up our breakfast early and went to the room to call B to talk to the landlady.
On the way back to the room, I heard B’s voice.
Apparently I was calling somewhere.
We couldn’t even call out during the call, so we went into the room and sat down and waited for the call to end.
B “Yes, I really like today …. Yes, thank you!
Yes, yes, I will definitely visit you. Thank you. “
I said that and hung up.
Apparently, B planned to go somewhere soon after returning from here.
Neither I nor A intended to snoop separately, so I didn’t ask anything and immediately took B to the hall.
When I returned to the hall, Misaki was cleaning up her breakfast.
There was no landlady.
I suddenly thought.
Isn’t it going over there? What?
The rear view of the landlady, who had disappeared on the stairs to the second floor with rice on the tray, flashed back.
I’m sure the rice I brought at that time was piled up on top of that leftover rice.
I wonder if that mountain was created by repeating it for days and days.
(What the hell is that for?)
I had a question in my head.
But I immediately thought about it without thinking about it.
I’m quitting today. Farewell here as well. It will be forgotten soon.
I have to forget. I told myself in my heart.
A asked Misaki-chan where the landlady was.
“If you’re a landlady, you’re sure to water the flowers. I’ll be back soon.”
Saying that, Misaki looks at B and

“B-kun, I’m waiting for you to make rice balls right away.”
She smiled and withdrew into the kitchen.
Ah, Misaki-chan … If nothing else, I’m sure Misaki-chan and Ichika no Aban (ry
We waited for the landlady to come back.
After a while, the landlady came back and saw us sitting in the hall without work.
“What’s wrong with you?”
Said with a grinning face.
I made up my mind and cut it out.
I “Mr. landlady, I have a story, is that okay?”
The landlady is
“What? With a serious face”
Sit in front of us.
I say “I’m selfish.
We want to quit here today. “
A and B soon after,
AB “Please”
I bowed my head.
The landlady remained silent for a while without changing her expression.
I found it very creepy.
I don’t move one eyebrow. With an expression as if I had expected it.
And after silence,
“That’s right. Okay, these are really helpless children ~.”
And laughed.
And talk unilaterally about salary, cleaning the room when raising, etc.
I told us to call out when I was ready.
All three were relieved that the story went smoothly enough to beat the beat.
However, there must have been somewhere in my heart that I thought something was wrong.
Since the story was decided, we acted immediately.
The luggage was packed the night before.
All I had to do was clean the room.
Since I started my part-time job, when I finished my work, I played in the nearby sea, and on a tired day, I went back to sleep and immediately fell asleep.
I don’t think I had much time in the room.
So even though it was a room for three men, it wasn’t that dirty from the beginning.
After cleaning for about an hour, the room was pretty clean.
As we were ready, we decided to go back to the hall and greet the landlady.
When I arrived at the hall, the landlady, her husband, and Misaki-chan with a sad face were sitting.
We sat side by side,
I said, “Thank you for your help for a short time.
I’m sorry to say that. “
I AB “Thank you”
I bowed my head.
Then the proprietress raised her hips and approached us and said:
“This was a short time, but thank you. This is a little …”
That said, I handed over three tea envelopes and three small drawstring bags.
The tea envelope was smoother than I expected, and the drawstring bag was very light.

And Misaki-chan from behind
“Be fine”
I say it with a face that seems to cry a little.
“Because I made it for everyone”
He gave me three rice balls.
Hey, stop it. I’ll cry!
Thinking so, I couldn’t see Misaki-chan’s face so much.
I thought I was going to die the day before, but I think it’s a centimeter, right?
However, when you say goodbye to someone who has really taken care of you, that kind of thing disappears at that time.
After geetings, we are back.
I took a nearby bus stop to go to

but I took a taxi on the way back.
I heard that my husband would drive me to the station, but B refused.
And I asked Misaki-chan to call a taxi.
When the taxi arrived, the landlady came to see me off to the car.
Seen from the surroundings, it seemed like a moving farewell, but in fact we were in the middle of running away.

Before boarding the taxi, I looked back.
The door of the stairs to the second floor that was barely visible. When I squinted my eyes, I felt like I was a little open and turned away.

And all three got in, and the car started moving immediately after telling the destination.
A little away from the inn, B suddenly told the driver to change his destination.
Give the driver something like a memo and ask him to go here.
The driver looked at the memo and asked with a suspicious look.
“Are you okay? It will take quite a while?”
B “It’s okay”
B replied so to A and me, who were in the back seat.
B “I have to go. You guys are with me.”
I and A looked at each other. I think the thoughts were the same.
(Where are you going …?)
But after seeing B in the morning, I was honestly disappointed and couldn’t hear anything.
I was scared that it would be sharp again.
The driver asked me that I was running for a while.
“Isn’t the car running behind you acquainted with the customers?”

What? When I looked back, a light truck was running just behind me.
And it was her husband who was waving from inside.
We thought we had something left behind and asked to stop the car.
<p> When the car stopped at the end of the road, my husband also stopped the light truck just behind him.
And when it comes out, it comes to us,
“You can’t go home as it is.”
B “I won’t go home. I can’t go home in this state.”
B and her husband were talking to each other, and A and I were completely left behind and ate.
I “What do you mean?”
I didn’t understand what it was, so I asked him honestly.
Then my husband turned to me, stared straight into my eyes and said.
Dan “Hey, did you go over there?”
My heart rang.
(Why do you know?)
I was really scared at this time.
It wasn’t a spiritual thing, and I had a great feeling that I had done something difficult.

I was doing my best just to answer “yes”.
Then the husband said he would sigh.
Dan “If I go home like this, I’ll take it completely.
I wonder if I went there.
Well, originally speaking, it’s bad that I didn’t say it properly.
<p> Hey, what are you going to bring? forgive me.
If you come back from here, you should have a fun summer vacation, right?
I was worried and saw A. A was looking at me with amazing eyes.
I became more anxious and saw B.
Then B says.
B “It’s okay. Let’s go to the shrine. I’m talking over there for that.”
I couldn’t believe it.
Did you mean you were possessed?
What am I dying? This flow will die, right?
Why did you go there? If you think you shouldn’t go, tell me from the beginning.
I was so scared that I was trying to pass on my responsibilities to someone else.
My husband proceeded with the story, looking sideways at me, who was stunned.

“Is it a purse?”
B “Yes”
Dan “Hey, can you see?”
B “…”
A “Hey, you can see …”
B “I’m sorry. Don’t ask me yet”
I instinctively grabbed B.
I said, “Make it sloppy. What was it from a while ago!”
My husband breaks in.
Dan “Hey, stop it. You have to thank B on the contrary.”
A “But you can’t say that, right?”
Dan “You haven’t seen it yet. The most dangerous thing is B.”
I and A looked at B together.
B was there with a troubled face.
I “Why is B? I actually went there”
Dan “I know, but you can’t see me?”
I “What is it that you can see or not see from a while ago?”
Dan “I don’t know”
I “Huh !?”
I was frustrated by my husband who said something crazy.
Dan “It’s just that it’s pitch black, the information I know is”
Dan “But …”
Saying that, the husband looks at B.
Dan “I don’t think anything will happen when I go to the shrine”
B asked her husband with suspicion.
B “Why?”
<p> Dan “Because there was such a thing before.
But I can’t say in detail.
B “You have to go, don’t you?”
Dan “That’s right”
B “If”
Dan “If that doesn’t work, what are you going to do?”
B “…”
Dan “It’s ridiculously early after you see it”
I had no idea what the word “early” meant.
However, after her husband did that, B started crying as if it collapsed.
It was an unvoiced cry. Me and A couldn’t do anything just by standing by.

Perhaps I felt our strange atmosphere, I opened the taxi window and the driver talked to me from inside.
“Are the customers okay?”
The three of us can’t answer anything.
Only B is crying while lying down on the road.
Then my husband said to the driver:
Dan “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to call you, can you drop me off here?”
The driver is
“Eh? But …”
He looked at us alternately.
Ignoring the situation, the husband talks to B.
Dan “Do you know why I was chasing you?
Some people know the origin of the matter. He will take you to that person.
I have already talked. He said he would come soon.
Dan “I don’t have time. Believe me”
B, who was shaking her shoulders and crying, said that she was probably at her best, crumpling her face and choking her voice.
B “Onega …”
I couldn’t breathe.
It was like watching a crying baby, not a man crying.
Yesterday today, I thought that B was alone and was carrying something really big
This was the only time I saw B who cried so much later and earlier.
When I heard B’s voice, I told the driver.
I “I’m sorry. I’m getting off here. How much is it?”
After that, we boarded my husband’s light truck.
However, I and A are the later loading platform.
The ride quality was the worst in history.
My husband speeded up as much as we could, even though we were on the loading platform.
I heard a light and feminine scream from A, but I passed through.
I don’t know how long I ran.
I think it wasn’t too long.
Well, to be honest, I just don’t remember because my coccyx hurts so much.
The place I arrived at was an ordinary house.
A small torii stood beside it, and stone steps continued to the back.
We were passed by the house, and while the husband rang the doorbell and waited, he said to us, “Only answer what was asked.”
Dan “You have a bad mouth. Don’t say anything strange.”
I thought.
There is no reason to be told only by this person.
After a short wait, a woman came out of the house.
I’m an ordinary person in my twenties, but it was very impressive that there was a huge mole in the middle of her forehead.
It was a tatami room in a corner of the house that was guided by the woman.
There was a boy (a monk?), An old man, and an old man sitting there.
As soon as we entered the room, I heard the old man muttering “terrible.”
Dan “Sit down”
With the shout of my husbandwe sat side by side just opposite the boys sitting side by side.
And my husband sat next to it.
Then the old man opened his mouth.
“The husband of XX (the name of the inn), are there three of these children in all?”
Dan “Well, that’s right. This B has already been seen.”
The moment my husband said that, the old man and the old man looked at each other.
Then the boy opened his mouth.
Bo “Husband, did you go to the temple?”
Dan “No. I actually went to this guy (my name)”
Pibou “Fumu”

Dan “B seems to have just looked from below”

Pibou “Is that so?”
And after a little silence, the boy asked B.
Pibou “Are you new to this kind of experience?”
B listens back.
B “Experience like this?”
Pibou “That’s right. It’s an experience of seeing spirits like this.”
B “Eh … no”
Pibou “That’s right. There are some strange things.”
B “… I”
B was trying to speak something.
Everyone there saw B.
Pibou “Yes”
B “I … will I die?”
B’s arm, which said that, was quivering, even though he was stretching on his knees while sitting upright.
Then the boy answered quietly.
Pibou “That’s right. If you keep going like this, surely”
B seemed to have lost his words.
The tremor suddenly stopped, and I stared at the tatami mat as if I was digging into it.
A who saw it caught his mouth.
A “Die”
Pibou “It means to be taken”
We don’t understand when the meaning is explained.
What can I bring with me?
The boy continued.
Pibou “It’s natural that you don’t understand the story. Did you feel something wrong when you went to the temple?”
It seems that the place where the boy called the temple was on the second floor of that inn.
So I answered.
I “I heard a sound. And a strange breathing sound.
There were a lot of things like bills on the door on the second floor. “
Pibou “Is that so?
As you may have noticed, there are things that are not humans. “
I wasn’t too surprised. In fact, I thought so too.
Pibou “Maybe you felt the existence of something other than that person.
Originally, it is something that people cannot feel. It’s quietly there, unnoticed by anyone. “
When I said that, the boy slowly stood up.
Pibou “B-kun, can you see now?”
B “No. The sound is just scratching the wall from a while ago.”

Pibou “I can’t enter here. I’ve set up multiple barriers.
You’re desperately trying to break that barrier. “
Pibou “But not everyone can stay here forever.
From now on, I’m leaving here and going to Ondo (I’m sorry I can only hear it). Mr. B, if you get out of here, those things will appear again.
Pibou “I think it will be painful again.
But I will definitely help you, so please be careful and follow me. “
B was shaking his head vertically.

Then, being taken by the boy, we left the house, passed through the torii gate next door, and climbed the stone steps.
My husband stayed with me until I left home, but after talking to the old men, I bowed to the boy.
We, who became lonely at a stretch because no one knew, walked as if we were three people.
In particular, B was walking with her back curled up, moving her eyes from side to side, and was clearly indignant.
So we walked to protect B in the middle as much as possible.
By the time I finished climbing the stone steps, I saw a big temple.
But the boy didn’t go there and took us around the temple to the right and went deeper.
There was another torii gate, followed by stone steps.
The boy asked B before going through the torii gate.
Bo “B-kun, how are you feeling now?”

B “I’m standing on two legs. I’m following you while looking at you all the time.”
Pibou “Well, have you stood up yet? I’m glad that B-kun found it.
Then I don’t have time anymore. You have to hurry. “

And when I finished climbing the stone steps, there was a hut that was so small that it couldn’t be compared to the previous temple, and the boy turned to the back of the hut and called us.
When we turned to the back, the boy said that he would stay here overnight and pray for his possessions.
He told me that there was no light inside and that he should not speak until dawn.
Pibou “Of course, mobile phones are useless. Everything that emits light. You don’t even eat or sleep.”
I was given a strange cloth bag to use this bag if I really wanted to use it.

I doubted my eyes. 
(Cloth …) 
However, according to the boy, it seems that the liquid does not leak from the inside. 
It was hard to believe, but I couldn’t help eating it, so I tried to be quiet. 
After that, I made us drink a bite of water in something like a bamboo tube, and when I put it in my mouth, I sprayed it on us. 
Then he told me to go inside a small hut. 
We tried to enter in turn, but the moment B entered, we held down our mouth and jumped out and spit. 
We were surprised at the sudden thing, but I heard that the boy was in a hurry. 
Pibou “You guys didn’t go to the temple today, right?” 
 I “What? Yesterday” 
 Pibou “It’s funny, it’s temporary, but I should have cleansed myself, but I can’t put it in.” 
I didn’t understand what I was saying.  Then the boy looked at B’s hip bag and 
Bo “Did you receive anything from someone while you stayed here?” 
I heard. 
 I can’t think of anything in particular, but A said. 
A “I got paid today” 
I forgot because it was too obvious. 
Speaking of which, I was strangely impressed by the fact that I got a salary. 
I “Oh, also a drawstring bag” </ p>
A “Onigiri too. If you want to get something” 
 I remembered the small bag I got from the landlady when I got my salary. 
And Misaki-chan made rice balls in the morning. 
 When the boy heard it, he spoke to B. 
Bo “B-kun, do you have one of them now?” 
B “Onigiri is in the big bag, but I have my salary and bag now.” 
 B said so and took the two out of the bag. 
 The boy first opened the drawstring bag.
 Then he said, “This is …” and opened the bag so that we could see it. 
Looking inside, we took a breath 
It was full of nail fragments. 
 It was the same as the one stuck to my leg. It was a familiar red and dark one.
 B immediately vomited again on the spot. 
I was caught by it and vomited. 
The surrounding area was filled with the smell of filth, and the boy was also distorted. 
 The boy said he would keep all of B’s ​​belongings, and both of us told him to take out all of his belongings. 
 I handed my cell phone and wallet to the boy and asked him to dispose of the drawstring bag in his travel bag. 
 The boy nodded and made B drink the water from the bamboo tube again and sprayed it. 
And when the three of us get inside the man, 
Bo “Don’t open this door. Everyone is towards the main hall. No one will come here until tomorrow morning.” 
 Pibou “And don’t talk to anything behind the wall. Don’t say a word in this man. Don’t tell me where you are.” 
 Pibou “Please protect these things.” 
Saying that, I looked around our face. 
We had no choice but to nod. 
At this time, I felt like I shouldn’t say anything, and I was scared and couldn’t say anything. 

 When the boy checked our situation, he closed the door and went without saying anything. 
 The inside of the woman was cool. 
Actually, I was worried that I could do it without drinking and eating here, but I thought that I would have it for about one night. 
 The building itself was quite old, and there were some gaps in the walls. It’s quite small, though. 
 Because it was still noon, outside light entered through the gap, and I could clearly see the faces of A and B. 
It was the first time in my life that I couldn’t speak anything even if I looked at each other. 
 When I nodded with the meaning of “it’s okay”, both A and B nodded back.  After a while, the number of times I looked at each other decreased, and at the end they turned to different directions. 
 In the frustration of not being able to speak even if we wanted to speak, we had no idea how much time was left, and we could only be there in a daze. 
 I felt that a tremendous amount of time had passed, but it was still bright outside. 
 Then A made a rumbling noise. 
I wondered what I was doing and turned to A to stop it before it made too loud a noise, and A showed us the paper and pen he had in his hand. 
 This guy secretly hid the pen without listening to the boy. 
And the paper was a wrapping paper for chewing gum. Well, we shouldn’t have a notepad, so I’m sure that was the only thing that came to our mind. 
 (What is this guy doing …) 
I thought so for a moment, but I couldn’t say anything to A’s actions, partly because I was extremely lonely in this situation where I couldn’t communicate. 
Rather, it’s a light, I can’t explain it well, but I remember feeling very relieved. 
 A first wrote a letter on a piece of paper and handed it to me. 

 ”Are everyone okay?

I received the pen from A and wrote it as small as possible with space. 
 “I’m okay for now, what about B?” 
 And I handed B a piece of paper and a pen together. 

 “I’m fine now. I can’t see or hear anything.” 
 And the paper and pen returned to A.

This is how our writing started. 
A “4 pieces of gum left. 8 pieces of outer paper and silver paper. Let’s write small letters” 
 I “OK. I can’t do it at night, so I’ll talk now” 
B “I understand” 
A “What time is it now?” 
I “I don’t know” 
 B “Around 5 o’clock?” 

A “It was about 1 o’clock when I came here” 
 Is it about 4 o’clock for me? “
 B “Is it still 3 hours?”
 A “Long” 
 The first piece was over after talking about something like this. 
 Then A wrote. 
 A “Big XX characters” 
I showed an apologetic gesture. 
Then A gave me a pen, so 
 I’m hungry “
I passed  to write B. 
And B handed the paper to A without writing anything. 
Then A is 

 A “Me too” 
I wrote  and handed it to me. 
 Even though I was so sensitive, when it came time to talk, everyone didn’t come up with anything. 
 I wrote what I had to say before the sun went down. 
I “I’ll do my best to the end no matter what” 
 B “Yeah” 
 A “What should I do if I scream?” 

I “Push something into my mouth” 
 B “There is nothing to dig in” 
A “Do you want to take off your clothes?” 
I, “Nothing happens, let’s believe that” B had no comment on the words I wrote. 
 After I wrote it, I wondered what I was saying. 
 The boy didn’t say that nothing would happen. 
Rather, I gave us a number of advices, as if we were anticipating what was going to happen. 
 With that in mind, we hope that time will pass as soon as possible, but the truth is, we were really scared of the night. 
Not only at night, but also at that time, I was really scared. 
The only salvation was that we could see each other’s existence. 
In one word, the air became heavier at once. 
I got B’s paper and pen to get rid of this air, 
I “I’m wasting some time talking” 
I wrote  and handed it to A. You can leave it to others. 
A was confused for a moment, but he thought a little and wrote it down and handed it to me. 
 A “Then what do you do when you return?” 
 I “I like it. I’m Tsutaya first” 
 B “Why is it Tsutaya?” 
 I “I forgot to return the DVD” 

 A “How long do you stay !?” 
 Well, it was a lie. I wanted to distract myself somehow, so I did whatever I wanted and wrote it appropriately. 
As a result, the atmosphere was a little softened, and both A and B wrote what they would do when they returned. 
 Little by little, but slowly we had a quiet time. 
And when the remaining paper was running low, B wrote a word on the paper. 
B “I will always keep what the boy told me. I don’t want to die” 
 Both I and A stared at the last word. 
I never really said “I don’t want to die” when I was born.
I’m sure A will be the same. 
I didn’t think I would die. 
Because I have never felt death imminent. 
 There is a guy who says it from the bottom of his heart right in front of me. 
That fact was very shocking. 
I stared at B’s eyes and nodded. 
 I didn’t say anything after that, but mysteriously, I didn’t feel lonely. 
We felt the sun set, feeling each other’s existence. 
 When I wasn’t doing anything, the cicadas were noisy, but gradually my ears got used to it and I didn’t care. 
But it feels strange. If you listen carefully, you can hear something else. 
 As I listened further, the sound gradually became clearer. 
I was convinced before I thought. 
 That breathing sound. 
I saw B. It was dim and difficult to understand, but there was no sign of noticing B. 
Can’t B hear it? 
By the way, did B say about breath sounds? 
Maybe you’ve never heard of that? 
Or are you just unaware? 
 Various thoughts came to my mind. 
Then B noticed that I was stiff and began to look around her. 
 In this situation, my nerves couldn’t have been irritable. She immediately noticed my incident. 
 Then, B’s line of sight stopped at one point. I was staring straight over my shoulder. 
I found that the white eyes suddenly became big and wide open. 
 A also noticed B’s appearance and was looking at B’s side, but it seemed that he could not find anything. 
I was scared and couldn’t look back.

Still, only that breathing sound comes into my ears. 
It turned out that Sole was right there. She didn’t move and just said “Huhhhhh” there. 
 After a while of rigidity, I started to hear something slurping around the man we were in. 
 A seems to hear this sound and suddenly grabbed my arm. 
<p> The sound circulated around the ondo, and gradually the breathing sound began to sandwich something strange, such as “Kyu … Kyu …”. 
I can only hear the sound, but I knew that Sole was slowly wandering around the wandering. 
I felt the sound of the heart coming from A’s arm. 
I couldn’t afford to check B, but I think it was frozen. 
Everyone didn’t make a slight movement. 
 I closed my ears and closed my eyes to escape fear. 
I’ve always wanted in my heart to disappear because I asked. 
 I don’t know how much time has passed. It may or may not have been just a few minutes. 
When I opened my eyes and looked around, it was pitch black and I couldn’t see almost anything. 
 But A was holding my arm all the time, so I knew he was there. 
I was furiously worried about B at this time. 
B was clearly looking at something. 
<p> In the dark, I desperately search for B, but I can’t see it. 
 I picked up the arm held by A in my left hand, and took A and started walking solo to B’s side. 
Don’t make noise as much as possible, and don’t surprise A. 
It’s too dark to communicate. 
I thought it was over when someone panicked. 
 I don’t know where I am at all, so while holding A’s arm in my left hand, I extended my right hand toward me and slowly swung left and right. 
Then my fingertips suddenly hit a hard object, and my heart buzzed. 
When I touched it, I knew from the touch that it was a wall. 
 Funny, I walked in the direction of B, but there is no B. 
 I was impatient. I turned back the wall and proceeded slowly. However, I arrived at the wall again. 
 I was at a loss and almost cried. 
 I swallowed the word “B where” many times. 
I didn’t know what to do, so I squeezed A’s arm while standing there. <br />
Then A grabbed my arm and started walking solo. 
First, A went to the wall and he touched my arm that he grabbed against the wall. 
Then slowly move along the wall, change course when you reach the corner, and walk along the wall again. 
While doing so, A walking in front stopped suddenly. And when I pulled my arm, I touched something warm. 
It was the feel of a quivering person. 
I thought I found B. 
But soon after, the question (Is this really B?) Arose.
If you think about it, so is A. I’ve been close for a long time, but is it A who is actually holding my arm? 
I was completely suspicious because of the darkness. 
When I was silent, A grabbed my arm again and started walking solo

 I followed slowly. 
Then, a little bit of light came into view. 
When I was wondering, I saw a little moonlight coming in through the gap in the room. 
I thought A was trying to take us there. 
I wonder why I didn’t notice it now. 
I’ve heard that my eyes get used to the darkness, but I was swallowed by fear and it wasn’t the case. 
It was really pitch black. 
 Anyway, at that time I saw the light and felt saved from the bottom of my heart. 
And thank A. 
 I heard it later, 
A “I didn’t see or hear it. I could hear the dragging sound. 
But thanks to that, maybe I could afford more than you guys. “
I was saying. 
I thought he was a big guy. 

 When I came under the light, I saw B’s arm held in the other hand of A. 
B’s face, which he saw in the moonlight, was soaked with sweat and tears. 
I didn’t even have to ask what happened or what I saw. 
Unlike daytime, it was very quiet at night, and bell worms were singing in the distance. 
We stayed there for a while. 
Embarrassingly, the three of us sat hand in hand with each other. Just like forming a circle. 
I think that condition was the most reassuring form. 
 And above all, even with a little light, I could see the other person’s figure there, and it felt like a different dimension. 
 After doing so for a while, something I had expected finally happened. 
 A hosted it. 
I thought it was absolutely unavoidable because it was a physiological phenomenon. 
A took out the cloth bag that his boy gave him from his pants pocket, and stood up and left us a little. 

In the silence, the sound of A echoes. 
Somehow, I was a little distracted by the stupid sound, and both I and B looked at each other and grinned. 
It was that moment. 
 “B-kun …” 
 A (…) 
B (…) 
I (..) 
The tension runs in my body in an instant. 
Then I heard it again. 
It was just outside the door we entered. 
 “B-kun …” 
 We instantly knew who the voice was. 
It was Misaki-chan’s voice that I heard this morning. 
 “I made B-kun rice balls …” 
 Speaking with a short pause, as if listening to this situation. 
There was no intonation and it was a mechanical tone.
 I found that B’s hand got a lot of power. 
 “B-kun” “…” 
 After a while of silence, as if suddenly broke 
 “I made B-kun rice balls” 
“Welcome ~” 
“I made rice balls” 
“Welcome ~” 
“I made rice balls” 
“I made B-kun rice balls.” 
“Welcome ~” 
“I made rice balls” 
“B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun!” “Kun !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” “B-kun !!” 
I started to repeat the same words as  over and over again. 

I thought it was unusual. 
I was scared. Even though it was Misaki-chan’s voice, it was really scary. 
The boy told us that no one would come. 
And this is an inorganic way of speaking. 
I thought it wasn’t Misaki-chan who was outside the door. 
When I noticed, A returned to our side and grabbed me and B’s arm. 
I thought he could hear it because he was so strong. 
We were three people and couldn’t move while staring at the door of the man.
Meanwhile, the voice continues repeatedly. 
“Welcome ~” 
“I made rice balls” 
 Finally, the door rattled and began to sway. 
Hey, wait a minute. 
 I thought the guy behind the door was going to pry open the door and come in. 
I pondered what to do when the door opened. 
 (Escape at full speed, the boys said they were in the main hall, so escape to that point … Where is the main hall?) 
And. I was only thinking about how to get away from here. 
<p> Eventually, it made a banging noise on the door. 
While speaking with an inorganic voice. 
 And then, little by little, I started moving to the left along the wall of the dragon. 
After doing so for a certain period of time, move to the left again. It was a repetition. 
 (What are you doing …?) 
When I’m wondering, 
 I noticed that there was. 
There is a gap near the wall where we are. 
And it’s slowly heading there now. 

 (What if you can see the inside through the gap?) 
(What if you can see him from inside?) 
 When I thought about it, I couldn’t stand even if I was there, so I hurriedly moved to the center of the room with them. 
I’m moving. Slowly but surely. 

I thought even the sound of my heart would stop. 
I don’t want to be noticed by him. 
No, you may have already noticed that you are here. 
I started to feel my teeth rattling because of fear, and I bit my fingers as hard as I cold. 
 And I saw him approaching a gap. 
I saw it. The face of him illuminated by the light of the moon, the appearance of him that could only be felt by sound until now. 
 Only the slender white eyes were strangely raised on the black face. 
 And I knew that the sound that I thought was ramming was the sound of it hitting my head against the wall. 
His face disappears from the gap in the wall for a moment. 
I’m wondering outside. 
And soon after, it hits the wall with tremendous force. 
 Even when I hit the wall, I couldn’t take my eyes off from the one with bare white eyes. 
It’s different from sleep paralysis, my body was moving. 
Maybe I was just fascinated by the sight I had never seen. 
 The guy who hit his head against the wall with that momentum and still talked lightly was far from a completely living human being. 
In the end, maybe we couldn’t see it, after hitting his head in the gap for a while, he moved to the left and to the left again. 
I could clearly imagine the afterimage synchronizing with the sound in my head and hitting my head outside. 
Honestly, I don’t remember how long it was there. 
I couldn’t tell the difference between afterimage and reality. 
 I heard later that all three of them were silent all the time after they disappeared and calmed down. 
A was wary. 
B couldn’t move because of fear. 
And I was in overtime in the afterimage. 
 Then, when A grabbed his arm to take me to the place of light, he thought that his body was not rigid and died for a moment. 
He really thought he was rigor mortis.

 B was B, who was terrified and clenched his teeth too much, bleeding from her gums. 
 Only A didn’t see him after all. 
 Also, when he went away from it, he seemed to make a strange voice like a crow. 
Only A heard that voice. 
The two attacks did not loosen the thread of our tension after that. 
 However, I couldn’t keep up with the nerve-wracking body. 
Everyone hung down and never made eye contact. 
B was dripping what he had held, but A and I didn’t think of it at all. 
It’s the first time I’ve ever thought that the night was so long. 
I saw my angry face, I showed it, and of course I saw something that wasn’t human. 
I remember everything vividly and I still can’t forget it. 
 Even though the light came in through the gap between the nights and we knew it was dawn, we couldn’t raise our faces and sat there. 
The bark of a sparrow and the sounds of life in a private house that can be heard from a distance all pierce my heart. 
I really wondered if I could get out of here and live. 
When the sun was shining in, I heard footsteps approaching me from a distance. 
We are completely ready.
When the footsteps came very close, I went to the back of the ondo and stopped in front of the entrance. 
 When I was holding my breath, I heard a rattling noise, and the door opened with a “key” noise. 
 It was a boy who stood there. 
 When the boy found us, he looked like he was crying for a moment. 
Bo “Well, he did his best” 
I think I’ll never forget the eyes of the boy at that time. 
It was a really really kind eye. 
I was unknowingly sitting down. 
And I cried for a good year. 
The boy came into our sweaty and urin-covered man without hesitation, and hugged each of us on our shoulders. 
At that time, the boy’s priest’s robe? It smells like a nostalgic incense stick. 
(Oh, we’re alive) 
I thought from the bottom of my heart. 
There I cried like a child again. 
The boy called me an old man when I saw me who couldn’t stand up after a while. 
Then, while being held by the two, I headed for the house I was in the day before. 
 On the way, I passed by the big temple I saw when I went, and at that time, the three of us heard a scream. 
It was the voice of a person who shouted low and suddenly high. 
 When I arrived at the front door of the house, A whispered in my ear. 
A “That was the voice of the landlady, right?” 

 I didn’t think so, but I couldn’t help but hear the landlady’s voice. 
But I was so tired that it wasn’t the case. 
I wanted you to bring it home early, but the woman who came out to the front door looked down on us so unpleasantly 
“Take a bath right away” 
I say.
 I can’t help it. Because it smelled like we couldn’t. 
 And we took a bath with three people. 
I was scared. 
I didn’t have the courage to suddenly be alone. 
When I got out of the bath, I was passed through a familiar tatami room, and three futons were laid there. 
It seemed like “sleep first”. 

 I had a feeling that it was safe here, and I was extremely tired. 
Or rather, the body moved before the theory, and we buried our face in the futon and slept like mud. 
 As I fell asleep, I thought it didn’t matter at all. 
(When I wake up, I have to call them that we’re going home.) 
The two friends who are ready for the trip and stand by are unaware that we were about to die now. 
Of course, the travel plan can be Ojan. 
 By the way, I asked B when I got out of the house. 
I “B, can’t you see it anymore?” 
 Then B answered with a certain tone. 
B “Oh, I can’t see it. I was saved. Thank you.” 
 When I heard the last word, I decided to keep it a secret that B peeed. 
We were saved. That fact alone was enough. 
 After that, we woke up and the boy told us the truth of the matter. 

And you know the mysterious reality brought about by the true fear of humans and the strength of your beliefs. 
What B saw, what I saw, what A heard. 
Knowing all that, we decide to run away again. 
After that, we slept like dead and woke up with a boy’s voice. 

 Pibou “Can you get up?” 
 We struck A, who had a bad wake up, as usual, and we sat in front of the boy. 
Pibou “Everyone did their best yesterday. 
I was able to finish the possession safely. “
Saying that, the boy laughed gently.
 We didn’t know what to say to that word and turned an ambiguous smile on the boy. 
I had a lot of questions to ask, but I couldn’t say anything. 
 Then, did the boy see our hearts? 
Bo “You guys have to talk about everything. I have something to show you.” 
And stood up.
 When the boy left the house, he took us to the temple. 
On the way up the stone steps, B showed a gesture to watch out for the area. 
As a result, I remembered what he saw yesterday and took the same action. 
 The boy who noticed it asked us. 
Bo “It should be okay now. How is it?”

B “It’s okay … I can’t see anything” 
I “I’m fine” 
When I heard the reply, the boy smiled.  When I arrived at the big temple, I was told that this was the main hall. 
Following the back of the priest, I entered through the door next to the temple and was passed through a room that was not much different from the tatami room I was in before. 

The boy told us to wait here for a moment and left the room. 
B began to shake poverty, perhaps because he was restless. 
 After a while, the boy came back with a small wooden box. 
 And when he sits down in front of us, 
Bo “I’ll show you the beginning of this thing.” 
I opened the box. 
 The three of us stretched out our necks and looked into the box. 
There was a small black object wrapped in cotton, like a dry wood ear. 
 AB I (what is this?) 
 I take a closer look, but I don’t understand. 
 But somehow, I thought it was something I had seen somewhere. 
I thought about it for a while and remembered it. 
 A long time ago, when I was little, her mother used to bring a wooden box from a drawer of a chest of drawers. 
And show me the contents of the box. I’m so happy. 
There was a small black object wrapped in cotton inside the box, and I asked her mother because I didn’t know what it was. 
Then her mother said. 
“Hey, this is the navel. It’s a proof that my mother and XX were connected.” 
 I thought in my childhood (why are you doing this importantly?). 
 I thought that the object in front of me resembled the umbilical cord I saw at that time. 
 A “What is this?” 
Pibou “This is the umbilical cord” 
Or something similar, it was an umbilical cord. 

 A “Maybe I saw it for the first time” 
B “I have seen it” 
I “me too” 
 Pibou “I think everyone showed it to their parents. 
Many people keep these things in a safe place. “
 Pibou “This umbilical cord is also something that was carefully stored.”

 We were silently listening to the boy.

 Pibou “In the womb of the mother, the parent and child are connected by an umbilical cord. 
Nowadays, many people cherish it as a memorial to that bond and childbirth, but there are various legends on the umbilical cord, and many people used to believe it. 
 B “Legend?”
 Pibou “Yes. People used to value such legends very much. Nowadays, they are only talked about as superstitions.” 
That’s right, the boy taught me the legend about the umbilical cord. 
 It mainly means “protecting the child”, but there are various interpretations. 
There are things like “If a child suffers from a major illness of nine deaths, decocting and drinking it will save his life” or “If you give it to a child, it will protect the child from the danger of life”, and the feeling that parents think of the child It seems that they are common where they are put. 
 We heard the story and gave a stupid reply, “Hey!” 
The boy took a breather, and he slightly raised his mouth and said. 

 Pibou “May I tell you an old tale about this land? 
I would like you to hear it as a story related to this time. 
 We nodded to the boy. 
 From here, the story of the boy begins. 
It’s quite long, and I don’t remember exactly, there may be some omissions. 
Pibou “The people who live in this land also deeply believed in the legend of the umbilical cord. 
Due to the nature of the land, many people have lived here for a long time as a livelihood. 
When a child is born in a fisherman’s house, the child goes out to sea with her parents from the time she feels at home. 
It seems that it was a normal convention here. “
 Pibou “Fishing is next to danger, and the feelings of the mother waiting for her child to return are beyond my understanding, but it must have been deep and painful. 
Mothers will eventually give their children an umbilical cord as a talisman. “
 Pibou “May she save her life from the dangers of the sea, and let her lost child return to herself.” 
 I “will you come back?” 
I caught my mouth involuntarily. 

 Pibou “Yes. I hear that small children were often exposed to the waves. 
A missing child is considered dead after many days. 
But her mother, who suddenly lost her child, said she couldn’t accept the reality and she would wait for her return for days and days. 
Pibou “Then, from some time ago, the umbilical cord that the child will have says,” As if I was connected to the child before I was alive, so that the child can come back to me no matter where I am. ” It is said that it has come to have a meaning as a lifeline role. “

I thought it was an ironic story. 
What originally serves as a talisman to protect yourself from the dangers of the sea also has a meaning as a lifeline in the event of a danger. 
 What kind of feeling did the mother send out her child? 
 Pibou “In fact, it seems that the child who had the umbilical cord went missing and never returned safely.” 

 Pibou “But one day, a mother appears with tears and rejoice, saying,” The child is back. “The people around me didn’t trust the story and finally went crazy. He even felt pity that he had done it. 
Because it was three years ago that her mother lost her girlfriend at sea. 
 B “Isn’t it flowing somewhere and living until now?” 
Pibou “That’s right. Some people thought so at first, and some people asked her mother to show her child.” 
 B “So?” 
 Pibou “Her mother said to him. 

 “Please wait for me to show you soon” 
and “
What do you mean? 
Shouldn’t it be shown when I come back? 
got goose bumps at this time for no reason. 
Pibou “Of course, when I heard that story, the villagers felt sick, but before I saw my mother who had been lying down since I lost my child, I couldn’t say anything and I could only withdraw. That’s right. “
Pibou “But the next day, another mother appears who is happy to say the same thing, and that mother also tells us that she can’t show her child yet. 
Villagers begin to get confused. 
 Pibou “The day before, her husband had passed away and there was no way to confirm her truth, but this other mother had her husband. 
So the villagers decided to talk to her husband to find out her truth. “
Pibou “Then her husband said,” I don’t know that story. “Contrary to the joy of her mother, her father didn’t know the fact at all. 
When the villagers tried to pursue further, they finally got angry, saying, “Don’t poke your head at a person’s house.” 

Well, that’s right. 
At any rate, I thought it wouldn’t be nice if people around me asked me a lot about the inside of the house. 
 Pibou “A few days later, a villager says that the mother, who first said that her child had returned, saw her walking along the beach last night. It was dark and did not look very good. However, the appearance of holding hands and talking to the child next door seemed to be really happy. All the villagers who heard this story tried to apologize for the past and the child returned. He decided to visit his mother’s house to congratulate him from the bottom of his heart. “

 Pibou “When I got home, my mother came out with a big smile. The villagers told me why they came that day, and some bowed. 

 Then the mother 
 “I don’t care about anything. I’m happy that this kid is back.” 
While saying  he pulled the hand of his child who was hiding behind her door and showed it to everyone. “
 Pibou “At that moment, the villagers seemed to freeze on the spot.” 
 Pibou “The child’s skin was bluish-purple all over. And the body swelled to the point of impossibility, white eyes peeped through the gaps in the swollen eyelids, and the barely visible black eyes were facing different directions. He said he was parasitizing his mother’s voice while blowing something like bubbles from his mouth. I hear it was like a crow’s bark. 
The villagers laughed gently at the child’s strange voice, saw her mother stroking her head with her hair falling out, and all fled from the scene in fear. 

Bo “The villagers who fled to the scatter gather at the village chief’s house that night. No one was afraid to see something strange, and the village chief who heard it was himself. I decided that I couldn’t handle it, so I decided to go to a priest with everyone. That priest seems to be my ancestor … “
Bo “The priest who was consulted realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately went to the mother. And when he saw the child who was taken next to the mother, he dragged the mother out of the house and took him back to the temple. During that time, the child was following the chief priest and his mother all the time and making strange voices. “

AB I “…” 
Bo “When I arrive at the temple, I first put my mother in a room with a strong barrier and try to listen to the story. However, the mother who is separated from her child even for a moment is in a state where she can talk properly because of her anxiety. I hear that he didn’t. Eventually he yelled at the priest with a terrible sword to return the child. “
 A “What happened to that?” 

 Pibou “My mother who thinks of her girlfriend is strong. It seems that her priest jumped off her power that she really tried to suppress and jumped out of the temple as it was.” 
 The boy said with a slightly pitiful look. 
 Pibou “After that, I went to my mother’s house with some villagers and servants, but I heard that there was no mother and child there. 
And inside the house, tags that you don’t know where are stuck everywhere, and rotten leftovers are piled up in one corner of the room, and there is a strange odor. 
 I thought at this time. It’s the same as what I saw on the second floor of that inn.  Pibou “Everyone there thought the same thing. She was doing something here because of the sadness of her mother losing her child. 
And it’s hard to believe that such a thing was born as a product. The villagers who realize that feeling will search for the whereabouts of their mother as a whole. “
Bo “The priest immediately takes his servant to the house of another mother, but it seems that it was already late. To the mother who talks to a strange thing and calls the child’s name. A terrifying father. The priest who saw the scene tried to approach the thing while chanting the sutra, but the mother who protects the child turned to the priest and threatened with a strange voice. ” 
It was an unrealistic story, but for some reason I sweated a lot. 
 Pibou “The villagers are afraidand say they couldn’t get closer. But the priest and his servants do not hesitate to approach the mother and the thing, take the excited mother back to the temple. While holding the priest, he chanted the sutra to the things that came from behind, and gradually proceeded while adding salt to the road. “
 Pibou “When he arrived at the temple, the priest took her mother to the priest, tied her body and locked her in it.” 
 A “That’s it …” 
 A made a pitiful voice. 
 Pibou “I couldn’t help it. The first thing I had to do was to separate my parents from my child, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.” 
It wasn’t what the boy did, but A turned away from him. 

 After a little silence, the boy continued. 
Bo “It seems that the mother’s body has been treated to prevent suicide, but I do not know the details. After that, wrap a rope around the priest and the priests surround it. I heard that he started chanting the sitting sutra. I heard the mother’s moaning from inside, but it seems that everyone chanted the sutra while raising a loud voice so that the voice would not be noticed by the child. “
Pibou “As the chief priests desperately chant the sutras, the child finally appears. The child searches for a parent and begins to rotate around the priest. The priests desperately chanted the sutras, without knowing whether the sutras would play a role. “

 There, the boy took a breather. 
B “So what happened?” 
B’s voice was terrifying. 
 Pibou “The thing that was orbiting around the ondo gradually became difficult to walk, and he started walking on four legs. After that, he bent the joints of his limbs greatly and crawled around the ground like a spider. It was as if he was watching the degeneration of humans. After that, when he groaned, the limbs of the thing were lost and he was lying there in the form of a caterpillar. Or “
Pibou “And the thing diminished as the dawn dawned, and what remained was the umbilical cord.” 
I was listening to the story of the boy. 
It was as if our story had hair and was told as an old tale. 
Then A asked. 
 A “Well, maybe that umbilical cord …”

 Then the boy answered quietly. 
 Pibou “I was lying on a rock in the back of the dragon this morning.” 
B “Seriously …” 
B muttered in a daze. 
I “Why? Why are we?” 

 Pibou “I don’t know the details. There are notes of the chief priests from generation to generation in this temple, but I couldn’t find any cases of this phenomenon happening to non-mothers.” 
 Pibou “Above all, about the ritual that the mother performed. This is still a mystery.” 
 B “Did you ask your mother?” 
 Pibou “I didn’t hear it, I didn’t hear it.”

 The boy started talking again, saying that he was poking. 
 Pibou “When the priests checked that the priests were opening the priests, there was a mother who was exhausted and exhausted. Maybe she was screaming for her child all night. However, when I woke up, my mother was completely insane. I knew whether it was because of the sadness of losing her child twice, or because of something terrible. I can’t do it. 
 Bo “And another mother who was searched by the villagers, but it seems that the news of the discovery arrived to the exhausted priests who read the sutras overnight. The mother was smashed by something all over her body, and her face looked very happy. I don’t know what happened, but the priest’s memorandum said: “The last time the mother was eaten by her child was a complete smile.” 

 It’s an incredible story, but we swallowed each and every word the boy spoke. 
Pibou “The mother’s house, which was found dead, was to be demolished through discussions by the villagers, and at that time, a memo that seems to have been written by her mother was found in the house.” 
 That said, the boy explained the contents of the memo to us. 
Simply put, it was like a growth record of my child since the ritual began. 
It’s only speculation how it was written, but I remember the content, so I’ll write it below. It may be difficult to understand. 

 ○ Moon? Start creating Nichido 
× month? Diurnal cycle 
 ・ ・ ・

 △ Moon? Day △△ (child’s name) is back 
△ Moon? Difficult to move day 
△ Moon? Sun limbs grow 
△ Moon? Start day yes yes 
△ Moon? Move around on four legs a day 
△ Moon? Speak the Japanese language 
△ Moon? Standing up 
 It seems that the mother’s feelings were written in this growth record. 
By the way, the other mother seems to have built a hall in the attic, and her father was completely unaware of its existence. 
 Pibou “I can’t say I understand everything, but if you compare this mother’s growth record with her priest’s memoir, the thing degenerates by going back to her own growth process. Can’t you think it was? “

 I thought it was true. 
And the boy continued talking to avoid further mention. 
 Pibou “Since then, there are very rare descriptions of similar events in the memoirs, but all of them do not specify when and how mothers know this ritual. That means that all mothers have died or are unable to speak. “

She said she regrets not being able to find her early. 
 Pibou “This is the first time for me to see this phenomenon, and I myself am very confused. Why did you find the thing, not your mother? Only the mother knows the growth of the child, and together It should not be possible for those who live to confirm it. “

 Is there such a silly story? I thought. 
And B terrifiedly asked, trying to find out the heart of the story.

B “Oh, my mother … maybe she’s a landlady?” 
 The boy replied with a little silence. 
 Pibou “That’s right” 
 Pibou “Makiko is not from this village. She married Mr. XX (husband’s name) and came to this village. She made a son and was a very close family.” 
 The content of the story of the boy who told me that was mostly predictable. 
 The landlady’s only son is said to have disappeared in the sea one day a few years ago. 
A large-scale search was also conducted, but it seems that the whereabouts were unknown after all. 
The sad landlady was comforted by her surroundings, and she gradually regained her energy. 
The ryokan was prosperous as it was, and when the people around me forgot about the incident, the ryokan suddenly closed the second floor. 
 I felt sluggish around her, but she didn’t really care if she didn’t poke her neck that far. 
 And this is the result. 
The proprietress doesn’t know where she got the information, but she built her hall on the stairs leading upstairs and performed the ritual there. 
And the product has been possessed by us, but the boy said that this is different from the previous cases. 
The child who was supposed to be possessed by the landlady who originally performed the ritual was possessed by us as a third party. 
 A possible difference is that the proprietress did not give her son her umbilical cord. 
It seems that some of the villagers there still follow the old custom, but the proprietress didn’t even know that custom. 
This seems to have been testified by her husband. 
 And strangely enough, I hired three part-time workers even though I closed the second floor of the inn. 
Her husband also opposed it at first, but she cried to the landlady, “I miss my son. It seems like her son is back if there are children of the same age,” she reluctantly acknowledged. is that so. 
This is a boy’s speculation, but from the beginning she knew that her returning son would possess us as parents. 
After telling us these things, the boy said: 
Bo “I’m really sorry for leaving you guys, but I had to save both Makiko and you. 
While you were here, we tied Makiko in her main hall and read her sutras as her predecessor did. I didn’t know how that thing would go or whether it would come to the main hall. “
In other words, although he possesses us, the boy read that the mother’s landlady would also be in danger from the cases so fa. 
 I didn’t think the boy would apologize. 
And is this a lifesaver? When I looked at B, I shook my shoulders and glared at the boy. 
B “I’m not convinced. What is the life of a person if my son returns?” 
 Pibou “…” 
B “Let me vomit everything! If you can’t do that, I’ll meet you in person and ask you why” 
B “Did you know your husband? Why didn’t you say that?” 
 Pibou “I didn’t know Mr. XX” 
B “Don’t lie. I said something you knew.” 
 Pibou “This story is deeply rooted in this land. What Mr. XX knew was folklore.”
It didn’t look like the boy was lying. 
But B’s excitement didn’t go away. 
 B “It’s not a fool. See you soon. See them!” 
 We were desperate to take control of B. 
The boy quietly listened to B’s yelling without making a slight movement. 
Bo “When I decided to tell this story, I was thinking of showing you everything. I will guide you to the place where Makiko is.” 
I stood up. 
 I followed the boy and walked for a while. I thought I was in the main hall, but I was passed through a place like a distant place across a corridor. 
As I approached, I heard some moans and some sutras. 
 And with that voice, 
 Batan! !! Bat! !! </
I heard a  sound. It took quite a while. 
When I stood in front of the door away, the sound was coming soon, and I was intimidated at what was happening inside. 

 And when the priest opened the door away, there was a landlady and the priests surrounding it. 
We couldn’t speak any words. 
The proprietress said she was there … something was bouncing. Like shrimp. I can’t explain it well. 
I was lying down, on the tatami mats, bending her body like a hanpen and bouncing around. 
I saw such a human movement for the first time. 
And sometimes I groan painfully. 
 I was scared and couldn’t see the landlady’s face. 
 Honestly, I felt the same fear as the night before. 


The boy said to us who were stunned.
Bo “This condition hasn’t stopped since this morning.”
Then A can’t stand it,
A “I’m hard to be here”
So I decided to go out once.
It was hard to even hear the sound.
She was just like a different person from what she saw yesterday morning.
A little further away we asked the boy.
I wonder if the possession was successful.
Pibou “Sure, I think I was able to get rid of what I thought of you as a parent. In fact, you are here, and here is the umbilical cord. But …”
Then B suddenly said.
B “Well … I didn’t see one.”
At first I didn’t know what I was talking about, but then I got a pinch.
Didn’t B say he saw multiple shadows on the stairs on the second floor at that time?
Pibou “Isn’t it one?”
The boy listened astonishingly, and when he saw B answering, he was a little silent again.
And when I thought about it for a while, I suddenly looked like I remembered something and told us.
Pibou “You guys should go to the torii house, and don’t leave that room. I’ll let people go later.”
The boy ran to the distance where the landlady was, leaving us as Pokan.
We suddenly left and ate a squeeze, and stood silently for a while.
Then, from a distance, I saw several boys carrying out an object wrapped in a large cloth.
The contents of the cloth swelled and appeared to be occasionally cramping.
Everyone thought that it was the landlady.
We were stunned to see it being carried to the lady as it was.
When we looked at each other, we were scared and we headed home quickly.
From there, it was so normal that there was nothing to explain.
Shortly after I went home, another boy came and told me to spend the night here.
And the boy stayed in our room, and the four of us greeted the morning in a delicate atmosphere.
The next morning, when we woke up early and looked at our eyes, the boy came.
We talked in line in front of the boy.

The boy said that our possession was completely over.
As I said yesterday, there was only one thing that we had possessed, and we confirmed that it had degenerated and disappeared.
We were relieved to hear that.
But the boy continued:
He said he couldn’t save the landla.
He said with an indescribable expression, whether he was about to cry or was angry.  When asked if he was dead, he said it wasn’t.
From that word, I remembered the landlady bouncing around.
(Is it in that state all the time …?)
When I heard it, the boy only made a bitter face and did not affirm or deny it.
The proprietress’s current state isn’t about pursuing her possessions or anything like that, but something else.
He didn’t tell me the details, but it seems that the ritual performed by the proprietress is similar to the “ritual to bring back the child” that is handed down here.
The proprietress, who learned of the existence and method of this ceremony somewhere, tries to do this from her sadness of losing her son.
However, her essential umbilical cord was in her possession.
From this point on, it’s a boy’s speculation, but the proprietress might have tried this through trial and error to connect it to the completed system.
Under her own beliefs. And the result obtained from it was different from the original one.
There are multiple things in the hall, and I don’t know if my son was there.

The boy said.

The ending of this ceremony is only very cruel.
With that in mind, mothers sometimes step into the forbidden territory.
We can only guess how sad it is to lose a child, but I think it’s always possible for a mother with a hole in her heart to rely on it. ..
B was relentlessly listening to the landlady’s future, but the boy was a single point who didn’t know anything, and we were completely wrapped in smoke.
When we finished talking to the boy, the husband came into the room.
I was honestly scared.

My face turned earthy and I had an apparently worn face.
And when he came in front of us, he cried and apologized.
I was so crying that I couldn’t hear everything I was saying, but when we saw her husband, no one could say anything.

I wonder if I was crying because I was sorry for us, or if I was crying because of the result of the proprietress’s invitation.
I don’t know now.
After that, we checked with the boy many times.
Will nothing happen to us after this? When.
Then the boy said, “It’s okay,” with a troubled face.
After that, we got a taxi from the boy and we went home.
For the time being, the old man who brought me home yesterday morning was supposed to ride me to the station.
This old man is a talkative person, and he talks alone without reading our air, which has been depressed by the events so far.
And this old man is
“Even so, it’s like a spider that a child eats a parent.”
I said.
We were sick and silent, but the old man continued alone.
“You guys, don’t try the rituals you heard here. It’s your own responsibility.”
Say that and laugh.
I didn’t know if I was trying to relieve our feelings or if I was really stupid, but there was one thing that was certain.
We were taught by the boy, hiding the truth.
The method of ritual is transmitted to this place with the result.

Isn’t this old man knowing and the boy not knowing?
With that in mind,I was shocked to hear that the important part was hidden in the end, even though I had this experience.
Because I trusted the boy, something similar to anger came up.
When the taxi arrived at the station, the old man said he would pay, but we refused.
I wanted to escape from this place as soon as possible.
The word that the boy said “it’s okay” all seemed to be a lie.
Still, we didn’t have the courage to go back to that temple and could only wait silently for the return train.

After that, after I came back, nothing happened.
Well, I can write it here because it’s nothing.
“I will never go to that place again”
It was such a traumatic event for us that when we talked with three people, the word always came out once.
Also, B seems to be useless to see the spider from that point on.
I’m watching him grow up.
As for me, I’m a normal member of society now.
I’m a little weak at darkness.
It may not be a mistake to forget the heat if the human throat is too high.
It’s a real, really later story, but I told the story to the other two friends.
Both of us saw the situation of the three of us and believed in it for the time being.
But after that, I called the inn with half interest. (It’s the worst)
Then, it seems that it was an ordinary aunt who answered the phone.
They tell us. Make sure you’re the landlady. And then he says the crows are ringing strangely behind him.
I thought it was absolutely impossible. Whether the landlady was safe or not, I didn’t have the courage to know after that.
I’m sorry to write it.
The truth may not have been right, but please forgive me.
This is as it is. There is no punch line.  Thank you for reading for a long time




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