Wavy   Countryside landscape

I will tell you the story I experienced about 10 years ago.

We gathered at a friend’s house and played, and then we went for a drive together.

It was time to drive for no purpose, enjoy the countryside while talking silly, and approaching dusk. A, who was driving, suddenly stopped talking.

Immediately after I was in the passenger seat, I was silent.

About 50 meters ahead, there is a whitish thing on the side road that runs to the side of the road, and it is moving. It is obvious to everyone that it is “impossible” when they are there, and even though it is a dim evening, it has an unnatural and clear appearance like a double copy.

A few seconds after applying the sudden brake, A muttered “Ah …” and started suddenly.

Perhaps I wanted to get it out of sight quickly in front of me, but as I approached the white one, my fear accelerated.

It was in the shape of a human, but it looked like a flat doll with no face, and the outline was strange, and I was walking in a strange banzai pose.

However, the way my legs move is not in step with the way I walk, and even though I’m stepping on the spot fluffy, I’m walking (?) Slidingly.

It looked so weird that it was terribly scary.


It took a few minutes from the time I found it to the time I shook it off, but all three were silent for a while.

With A’s “What?”

What is that! !! “


“Wow, I’ve seen it !!”

The two of us spit out the emotions that came up, but B, who was behind me, remained silent all the time and wasn’t feeling well, so today I decided to open it up and broke up. I don’t think it has anything to do with it, but there will be talks at a later date.

A few days later, B crashed into a crane car that was stopped due to drunk driving and became seriously ill. B was usually drunk, so neither A nor I thought it was because of that, but the story was in front of the intensive care unit.

I remember being very scared when I left.

However, after that, B had a serious brain injury and did not remember when he saw it with three people. And I got awkward about this, and now I’m completely estranged from the three of us.



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