Wavy   line

I’m still confused, but I’m a little calm and now I can write, so listen.

I saw the “Kunekune” that often appears.

I feel like I saw it.

I live in the countryside, and I always ride my bicycle to the nearest station on a road that has only rice fields and no street lights. I was wondering, “Wow, look at me.”

And this morning, when I was heading to the station as usual, I saw something dark and moving.

It was on the right side of the direction of travel, at a small elevation about 100 meters away.

At first I wondered if some old man was doing gymnastics.

However, I noticed that the movement gradually became strange.

Wriggle your body, your arms? The speed of swinging around is unusual.

There is a radio calisthenics exercise that turns your arm left and right, it’s like watching that fast forward …

I was sleepy at dawn, so I vaguely thought that there were more strange people around here, so I tried to hurry to the station.

And I noticed.

There is a railroad track running in a small high place where there is.

So it’s higher than anywhere else.

Do you usually stand in such a place and do gymnastics?

Even though trains often pass during the morning commute.

Even if you’re a little crazy person, that movement … that?

The blood in my body drew quickly.

After that, various stories such as “I got crazy when I saw it” revived in my head, and I desperately skipped the bicycle while trying not to look to the right.

It was really gakuburu.

About the station The train arrived on time, but did it move off the railroad tracks?

The trembling did not stop even in the car.

I thought I was calming down, but I’m glad I had bad eyesight …



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