Wavy   Video

This story was when I was in the second year of high school.

It’s a horrifying story that my girlfriend F experienced.

After school, Mr. F decided to play at home with his friends.

When I got home and tried to get inside, I noticed that the mailbox was open, and when I looked into it, I found a strange videotape.

Mr. F was uncomfortable, so I decided to throw it away, but my friend wanted to see it persistently, so I decided to watch it with half a joke.

And I played the video.

However, only the sandstorm was reflected, and Mr. F and his friends were cold and tried to finish.

Then the screen suddenly appeared.

There was a video of a middle-aged fat man wearing glasses wearing knitted tights and kunekune.


Mr. F and his friends burst into laughter. “What, this video! It looks like an idiot!”

However, I noticed that one of my friends was there.

“The room where this man is is F’s room …”


The place where the man was kunekune was his room.

Mr. F reported to the police, but there was no theft.

I’m glad, but who was that man …?



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