Wavy A friend who dances squiggly and has a strange sense of language

There was a friend of mine who was crazy.

One day, when he went to his house, he was baking corn, but something was falling, it was a bug.

“Oh, what are you doing?”

I said in a hurry

“Because it was a little old sorghum, but there are countries that are worm-eaten on Hora, TV, etc., are you eating something similar?”

“No, I refuse”

“If so, you can eat alone.”

Then, he turned the sorghum with tremendous momentum and ate the sorghum.

“You will definitely get hungry”

I say it’s

“Only for insect larvae, I’m hungry.”

I was laughing, saying something I didn’t understand.


Then, about a week later, I went home.

It lives on the second floor of an old wooden apartment, and you can see half of its room from the road, so when you look up at that room from the road that night, the shadow of it illuminated by fluorescent lights is There was a strange sight, such as jumping and dancing strangely.

I was surprised to go up the stairs in the apartment, and when I knocked on that room, I heard incomprehensible words such as “Guru-Guru” and “Unyon-Nyon”. I remember lying on the folds and swaying my body, and when I saw it, my body was bleeding, and the sound of my heart became extremely slow.

The one who found me approached me while crawling and kunekune, spitting out incomprehensible words such as “Kitatankita” and “Mitenmiten”.


“Chochochocho” When I shouted, he suddenly stood up and said, “Ree, were you surprised?” But my eyes are sick, I’m talking to me in a direction that’s out of focus, and I’m always taking steps “Did you?”

“If you don’t do this, you’re coming.”

I “what?”

That guy “from above”

I “Hmm, hmm? So what?”

That guy “usually comes from the corner of the room”

I “No, that’s why …”

That guy “sometimes comes from the drain, I do.”

I “that …”

That guy “come, come, come”

I “Well, I’m going home”

That guy “come, come, come”

And I left the apartment with his “come” call on my back.


After that, I was scared to see him, and I called his family saying, “It looks like I’m a little tired, so please go and see what’s going on.”

According to other friends, I hear various rumors that they are now isolated in some hospital or have traveled to Africa, but I don’t want to see him again.

I’m sorry I’m not so scared, but it was a deadly event for me, and I still can’t forget the eyes of my out-of-focus friend at that time.

There is also a voice saying “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming”.



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