Wavy Butterfly

I met a local (Akita) girl who I met for the first time in a long time, and I talked about the twists and turns I read here.

The girl was surprised to see something similar a long time ago.

She said she was 21 this year, but when she was nine she went to her funeral because her country grandpa died.

On her funeral day, she stayed at her grandma’s house and talked about her way home around noon the next day.

On the way back, the girl (S-chan) was looking out the window all the time, but when she looked forward, she saw something white swaying in a distant rice field.

S-chan was curious and watched for a long time, but I didn’t know what it was, so I asked her mother, “What’s that?”

Her parents also watched it for a while, and her dad said, “Doesn’t the scarecrow look like it’s shaking in the heat?”

It seems that S-chan and her mother had been watching it all the time, but as S-chan approached it, she became asexually scared and she started crying.

And he said to his father, “I don’t like this road because I’m scared of that.”


Her parents laughed and said, “It’s okay, it’s a scarecrow.”

S-chan was scared, so she put it in her seat to avoid seeing white swaying things, but her mother said, “No … what …?” She was worried and she looked out the window again.

The white thing that was so far away has come close to Oita, and it seems that it was quite clear.

S-chan yelled and started crying, and her parents were afraid of something unknown and she hurriedly ran the car.

It seems that something white was like a person with long limbs, as you can see here.

She said it was wiggle, but it felt like it was shaking, it wasn’t there, it was like a phantom.

S-chan seems to have been blocked for a while, and she asked her worried mom about white things, but she said she said, “It might be a lantern.” ..

Then, at S-chan’s house, it seems that the white one was decided by “chochinbi”.

She said she was still horrified when she remembered. By the way, no one is crazy.



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