Wavy Kunekune

I also saw it squiggly. It was about 10 years ago because I was in 4th or 5th place.

It was when I was heading to my best friend’s house during the summer vacation. At that time, I lived in the countryside, so there were rice fields all over.

There is something strange in the field of vision when riding a bicycle. An object in the shape of a fluttering person is walking in the rice field. Moreover, in a line.

Is it about 3-4 bodies? At that time, I thought it was creepy rather than scary. I couldn’t see it clearly because it was about 100 meters away.

I thought it was a scarecrow, and at that time I wanted to play with my friends early, so I immediately lost interest. She didn’t tell her friends that she wouldn’t talk, and I haven’t seen any squiggles ever since.

I read the past log and felt that my spine was frozen. I will look it up when I get home.


About five years ago, my parents were ill and I had to leave them in the countryside during that time. My grandma picked me up at a station in the countryside, and I was driving from the station to my grandma’s house.

When I got into the mountains, the uncle who danced in the middle of the field was frightened for a moment, but when I observed it further, I found something swaying next to him.

After that, for some reason, my grandma desperately closed my eyes.

After a while, she was angry with a terrible sword when she heard that. She was a grandmother who usually didn’t get angry, so I thought she was a big deal, and I didn’t ask after that …

When I think about it now, that is squiggly, isn’t it? Was it …?

I didn’t really understand it for a moment, but it was probably a leaky squiggly experience.



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