Wavy Winding thing

I was really surprised to read “Kunekune” and “You shouldn’t understand”.

I’ve seen similar things myself. During the summer vacation of the first grade of elementary school, I certainly went to my great-grandmother’s house in Obon.

The great-grandmother’s house is a countryside where there is no train, although there is a national highway nearby. My father was the eldest son of three brothers, and this memorial service belonged to his great-grandfather.

It was when I was playing around the rice fields with my father after the memorial service was over. A white human stood in the distance.

It may not have been human to be exact. Rather than Kunekune, Sole seemed to be dancing like a story, with the whole body fluttering in the wind.

When I thought about it, it suddenly became smaller and then returned to its original state. My dad didn’t seem to notice, so he said, “Dad, what’s that?” And pointed his finger.

As soon as my dad saw it, he held me and ran home at a tremendous speed. He was surprised and couldn’t say anything on the way as his sick father ran desperately and sweaty.


Shortly after arriving at my great-grandmother’s house, I asked my dad, “What was that?” And said, “You don’t have to know. You should never talk to your friends.” I was told …

From that day, I was planning to stay at my great-grandmother’s house for about 3 nights, but suddenly my father said, “I’m going home,” and I ended up going home.

Even when I got home, my great-grandmother, who always told me to stay longer, didn’t stop, so I thought something was wrong, even though I was a child.

Shortly after returning home, I had a high fever, and at the hospital I was diagnosed with “I don’t know what caused it, but I have pneumonia,” and I fell into a coma for a while.

After all, she said that the hospital had no way of doing things, and she just gave her a nutritional drip. I was able to leave the hospital about two weeks after I suddenly returned to consciousness.

However, the doctor was sent to the hospital for a while saying “I don’t know the cause”.

And since then, I have never been taken to my great-grandmother’s house. I couldn’t attend the funeral of my relatives, and I no longer go home for Obon or New Year with my family.

I heard from my mother that my father had one sister, and it seems that my father and sister had witnessed that.

And her sister approached to see it, and only her sister went.

After a while, my sister came back, but she seemed to look like a deceased person from beginning to end, and when her father was in the third grade of elementary school, her sister was taken somewhere. It’s my sister.

It seems that her mother was told only once before she got married to her father, but I think it’s the same thing that you witnessed.



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